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Respect Festival 2003 19th July - FREE
For a free festival, this is a goody, two years ago it was run dmc, desmond dekker amongst others. Last year was De La and Blak Twang, the line up this year is lookin beauty too (minus the obvious pap):

Public Enemy (always a good show)
Heartless Crew
Gregory Isaacs (OMG YES!)
RDB (Rhythm Dohl & Bass) (DJ playing DnB - don't get excited it's more the pop stuff - but with Dohl Academy drummers playing along)
JJC and the 419 Squad
Est’elle (UK's premier f
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Blue: Respect!
Listened to your Hive single today. Props. Dirty. Dirty. Dirty.
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Respect going out to the chat room hijinks


To those who don't know it was fecking amusing....

PS I Expect this thread to get crapperised..
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Big ups and Respect to Regulars on this board!
Been looking through old threads and I have noticed that there are quite a few peeps on here with enough knowledge and others who really appreciate that knowledge - I reckon that when we put our minds together like this we broaden them.

So big ups to everyone posts on here and those who visit from time to time, this was a great idea to start a science/general thinktank forum.

Lol Lol Lol
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::WIZARD:: - Respect Your Mothers - brand:nu mix
Alright, so I got around to recording a mix of some of my favourite tracks from 2000-2004. This is a vinyl only mix, no exclusives. It turned out to be one of those "perfect for your car" mixes, as I ended up blending in various styles of d'n'b into a 76 minute smoothly programmed journey.

At first I did not know what to call it but since my mother called me from her car last night and I heard this mix playing in the background, let's call it "Respect Your Mothers" mix.


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respect to spoon records
so i finally got around to re-ordering some of my cd's that
i noticed had gone missing some years ago...
can - soundtracks
can - future days
can - soon over babaluma

...and the cat from the spoon records mailorder threw
in a copy of cannibalism vol. III (solo works). not the
best stuff they have done, but i still tought it was pretty
fucking cool of them. big up spoon records.

to think we used to purchase these cd's at $30 cost (which
would retail at roughly 44-45 ea) in the mid
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Attn Snaxors - We need the respect we deserve
Ive been thinking, now that we are cruising at high altitude on this new server and we have all the power we need, don't you think its about time you give the snaxors on this board the respect they truly derserve...

I vote we create......a Subvert Central SNAX FORUM:

Cake, Biscuits, Chocolate, Cheese, Fruit, "In the lab with macc" (Bizzare irregularities when fusing snax togerther), Loris closely guarding the Rich Tea corner, Me and Mint Chocolate snax.

We need the right to snax freely
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[CLUB] Paradox @ Respect, Los Angeles 12/14/06
[Image: http://static.flickr.com/118/316802550_69d8eb757e.jpg][Image: http://static.flickr.com/103/316802552_05c74c54e3.jpg]

going to be a wild night. paradox, godfather of the breaks, r.a.w. - godfather of l.a. jungle/d&b , machete - runner of respect and original la junglist, and then myself, hidden sound --- Icon_eek

out of all the dj's in our scene they give me a chance to open, that is insane! couldn't of picked anyone better though, imo :d

Drums Icon_yippee :
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Respect Records. St-Petersburg. Russia
Hi Subverts! Pay attention on our latest releases:

[Image: http://respectfamily.com/img/releases/sm...-front.jpg]

Opposide Records 001: Cyberworm 'Wasteland' LP / CD

Drumfunk drum&bass album of St. Petersburg music producer Cyberworm.

01. Deep Impulse
02. Barren Land
03. Neops
04. Rush
05. Biopsy
06. Be Water
07. Hypothesis
08. Outside Limits
09. Inside a Circle (feat. Dissident)
10. Degradation (feat. Dissident)
11. Sample Me
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Respect Records Digital
Hi subverts!

Check our label 1st digital release on Chemical Records:

Respect 6 Digital :: Saint Petersburg Drum&Bass Compilation

[Image: http://www.chemical-records.co.uk/site_i...t/3871.jpg]

Nol (Zero) / Blasta / E:Beat vs Oblique / Zyz Ruffen & Bes / Art & C.A.2K. / Implex / Intelligent Manners / Limit / Blackheart / Sky / Enei / Dissident

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