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Streetbeats 2002 review.
Its been a good year here at streetbeats i think. Theres been many many positive notes and not too many disasters. I'd like to thank all the crew that have helped push the message forwards, we've had some new recruits to the camp namely Exxon, Strike (back from the dead!!), Bobule , Stevie D, Fracture & Neptune, Filter, Paradox and Kirsty and Terry, all of whom have proved to be heros in their own right within our various projects. Love as always to the big two, namely Jay (i love you!!) and hou
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Spring Heel Jack Free Jazz Review
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Dirtburg review on RawRoots.co.uk

think he likes it anyway Grin
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Beatjam Review ...........
What do you think of this Baffled .........


Its from Fridays edition of the evening post.
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Interesting review of a Ondes Martenot style cv controller

i have always been interested in alternative controllers for synths - this one was inspired by the old Ondes Martenot and was originally designed for Johnny Greenwood!

[quote]Given that it was an early electronic instrument, the Ondes Martenot was singularly playable, so it's not surprising that composers such as Barry Gray (see the box on the penultimate page of this article) continued to experiment with it through
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becketts friday review corner
Invaderz Present :: Transmission 1 EP :: The Beatz

Invaderz.....a bastion of quality in a sea of muck. Until now.....theyve become muck pilots with this not so great release on a formerly great label. Total Science provide the initial wallow in this frenzied shit scrum with a 1 dimensional and not quite as good as squash type affair. The next tune by ob1 & some other eejit starts off nicely with some cool washes and fills. Then it gets shit. Didnt listen to the rest of it.

Kamanchi - Ho
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*** FOR REVIEW *** Manifesto for a ??? network
the following is a synopsis of the discussion on this board. things to note:

1) i am not claiming credit for the ideas contained below. they are collective ideas. even though things have been reworded and there are no attributed quotes, you should recognise the general concepts.

2) i've used 'our' and 'we' here ? even though i'm not actually directly involved myself.

3) this is only a draft. it can be rewritten, amended, discarded, as people think best.

feel free to make whatever com
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Alpha Omega - Journey to The Tenth Level :: Review
Should have got this up earlier but here it is, for what it's worth!

Reviewing the CD I got from Mr. Alpha Omega:
11 tracks:
1. "10 Faces of Death"
2. "Universal Notion"
3. "Shut Eye"
4. "Swingers"
5. "Aztec"
6. "Adjust"
7. "Know How"
8. "Analyse Dem"
9. "Tribalist"
10. "100%"
11. "Far Out"


Ever since the D&B world decided to ignore the sinuous twists and turns of his 1999
debut LP on Reinforced Records (entitled "Journey to the Ninth Level") this produc
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Ultra-Violet review - Knowledge mag.
Live D&B / Ultra Violet live
Words: Joe Madden
Ultra Viloet photo: Kevin Youkhana
With jungle having become more organic of late, thanks in part to the
influx of jazz, funk and latin influences, it's become increasingly
plausible to recreate the sound live, and, in doing so, give drum & bass
audiences the thrill of witnessing the sounds they're hearing being
created before their very eyes. As Reprazent, Breakbeat Era, London
Elektricity and Kosheen have all ably dem
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We need to get more people to review tunes in THE BEAT RANCH
more downloading Xyxthumbs
more listening Xyxthumbs
more constructive feedback / reviews Xyxthumbs

i know that some people (like us at sbhq) have wack connections, but theres a whole load of broadband users out there fo' sho'.........

and i'll wager theres some good shiznit in the beat ranch that hasnt been listened to properly yet.


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