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Alex C's Dodgy Reviews

This poor lad is suffering a little bit from "if its popular on the floor it has to be good" syndrome....

His reviews give all the big tunes high scores regardless of their quality and then seems to throw in token "less noteworthy tunes". Which is fair enough i suppose if he's not getting paid to do it. I however would prefer to see him put in a bit more effort and seek out music that is good rather than re
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Alex C's reviews on DOA revisited
oh deary me once again Alex C completely ignores tons of quality releases in favour of tunes which people have so rinsed to death they must be like a faded sepia silent movie from the 1920's..

check this out
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reviews...who wants to get their material reviewed?
I was wondering if anyone wants to get their material reviewed?
I would want to start to review material again for camps such as Inperspective, offshore, cov-ops, streetbeats, warm com, gamma ray etc

If you are a part of this Camp, with capital C, or involved with some or one label, then if you are interested in sending material. Then send me a pm or contact me. The info is in my profile.


and that acid rain rmx is a fuckin scorcher.
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Noisemonkey's weekly reviews thread
I've just started reviewing tunes over at dnbforum so you've got a decent alternative to dogsonacid's silly reviews policy. All criticism welcome at:

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Holy Reviews Update Batman!
cheers to Noisemonkey for the new reviews! With my priorities switching
to the FM show and my webcasts the little time I have outside of features
and updating the page has left me with little time write reviews. So in
order to keep the reviews section up to date we have recruited the
talents of our very own Noisemonkey to pick up the slack!

Cheers Bro & Welcome Aboard!!!!!!!!!!

reviews are HERE
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new reviews up on dnbforum.
Just a couple this week

One from AO and one from KOTP, more to follow:

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Petition for more of beckett's reviews
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Subverts get amazing reviews in Knowledge
Fanu - Aurora/Shackdown (Lo:Cuts) 4/5

The press release like so many, uses the word experimental, but this time the tagline really is justified. The gorgeous cymbal lashed breaks are reminiscent of Photek classics like UFO and Seven Samurai, without stealing too many tricks from Mr. Parkes. There's enough menace and power in the bass to make it as dancable as it is innovative. This months tune most likely to ratchet up your set a notch or two.

ASC/Sileni - Drum track 2/Twitchy Droid Leg (O
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promo whore tune reviews
yeh well...i made an order today and they're all promo's Icon_eek

seba & paradox 'you didn't see it did you/drum sessions remix' pm003
--- double a-side if i ever saw one!!!
didn't see it ...the first sebadox tune on vinyl and it's a dark breaks'n'bass driven corker! loads of switch ups gives it the dirty edge i love so much
drum sessions remix seba remixes this masterpiece, doesn't change too much but adds his typical seba touch and bass...a worthy remix perfect to t
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SC004 and SC006 reviews
Fracture and Neptune - Boogalou

This is pure dusk music, burning a joss stick into the wee small hours. Breaks roll and step smoothly along the futuristic melody and echoed splashes of light. Strings from the old radiophonic workshop taper out each loop sometimes shining brighter before slipping away in to the twilight. The flow is so natural and the bass lends extra weight riding the subways good and proper. A seriously good looking piece of tunery.

[b]Fracture and Neptune - Clouds

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