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Blue - "Inspection" & "Revision"
holy moly!

i am loving the tracks man!

inspection sounds a bit like old v stuff, deadly!

revision, oh gosh...........people would go mental on the dancefloor, i swear. i wanna marry this track!

now all of you go to the doa dub section (http://dubplates.dogsonacid.com/)and rinse it.

blue, you are a true jungle trooper! Falcon
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Blue's "Revision"
has this been signed yet? this is my favorite blue tune of the 4-5 ive heard, and ill def pick it up even if there are duck calls on the flip.

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Revision techniques....
So, i have my 1st EXAMS for about 10 years in 2 months......bugger!!!

Am studying to become an Occupational Therapist which means i have to learn areas of Physiology & Psychology.

The Psychology bit is fine(....ish) but it's the Systems of the Body bit i'm stressing about - The Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Nervous systems etc.

I know i can't just sit there and read this stuff, it won't go in (i'm too old for THAT to work!), i have a feeling that just writing it down again and again will
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Blu Mar Ten - Natural History: Revision – Out Now
[Image: http://img809.imageshack.us/img809/4505/nhr0.jpg]

The augmented re-release of our 2009 album is out now in all good digital stores.

Natural History: Revision features 27 tracks at a recession-conscious price.
The album contains all the original tracks from Natural History, plus remixes from Seba, Klute, Bop, Stray, Badmammal & Kastle, 3 new remixes from us and the 3 winners from our recent remix competition.

You can hear all th

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