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For Sale - Mac G5, UAD-1e, ProjectMix, MOTU 828, RME ADI-8DS
for sale:


apple mac g5 dual 1.8 (rev b, not the model with the problematic amd 8131 chipset)
2gb ram
1 x 80gb internal sata hd
1 x 250gb internal sata hd
upgraded ati gfx card (dual head)
apple usb keyboard
ms intellimouse explorer
pci firewire card

os x tiger (10.4) dvd's



motu 828 mkii firewire

see sos review: [url]http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/jul04/articles/
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Rock Bottom Prices: G5, UAD-1e, ProjectMix, RME ADI-8DS
For sale:


Apple Mac G5 Dual 1.8 (Rev B, NOT the model with the problematic AMD 8131 chipset)
1 x 80Gb Internal SATA HD
1 x 250Gb Internal SATA HD
Upgraded ATI GFX Card (Dual Head)
Apple USB Keyboard
MS Intellimouse Explorer
PCI Firewire Card

OS X Tiger (10.4) DVD's



RME ADI-8 DS (8ch 24bit/96Khz AD/DA converters)

See SoS review: [url]http://www.soundonsound
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RME users....(help)

so I've managed to somehow fuck a setting up on my fireface and I can't seem to fix it for the life of me.

something strange related to panning (or rather, I observed the problem as a result of panning some audio around cubase).....signal flow thing.

when I hard pan a stereo signal left, it fades to nothing (all the way left = no sound).....when I go the other way, I get signal out of both speakers (?).

when it's hard left (no sound coming out), I can still see the pla
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RME crew - Digicheck 5 is here!
I don't even know what's in it, just copied a link, but woooohooo! Grin Grin Grin


some more info : RME User Forum / News: DIGICheck version 5.0 release
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Will be for sale - RME HDSP 9632 PCI
Includes the BOB breakout box, only selling to upgrade to the RayDAT for even more IO.

Anyone interested? Make me an offer by PM Wave

Might be selling one or two other bits as well if i can bear to part with them.... maybe not Grin

BTW When I say 'will be for sale' I mean, 'for sale but I can't take it out of the machine until the new one arrives but I can't get the new one until I know I have sold this' Grin
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FS: Benchmark & SSL Converters, RME HDSPe & Digiface
For sale:

- RME Digiface
- SSL Alphalink AX 24 channel ADAT AD/DA
- Benchmark DAC-1 2 channel DA

Selling an RME HDSPe PIC Express Card, and an RME Digiface Break Out Box (SPDIF, 24xADAT I/O, Wordclock, Midi etc)

The HDSPe card goes new for £299
The Digiface goes new for £509

Price for both: £600 plus shipping

See links below for more info:

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RME - Totalmix crew
Getting a Multiface II Tomorrow

Is it easy to root things?

Can you set up a channel to 'record what you hear'? like i had in patchmix so i could record anything that was playing at the time.

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