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Rock or Roll ?
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1990's "avant garde" rock/jazz/metal/ish
Did the UK ever get hit with the big 'avant garde' movement that was active in the USA during the 1990's? I'm talking about mostly John Zorn, Bill Laswell, Mike Patton, Bootsy Collins, and all their associated collaborations and bands with each other and other people like DJ Disk of ISP.

Praxis, Zillatron (hilarious), Mr. Bungle (mostly just their album 'disco volante'), Masada, etc. etc. etc. - so many projects, so under-appreciated.

I really believe this era was pretty much the final
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The greatest Rock and roll band of all time????
Ministry hands fucking down..........

Twisted Twisted Twisted
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Ultra - Violet rock mix....
just starting her now......

ooh la la.....

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Who is the new celebrity rock star paedophile?
Any guesses?
He is a "hell raising rock star" who lives in England.
He is a household name on both sides of the Atlantic.

Pete Townsend?
Jimmy Page?
Robert Plant?
Roger Walters?
Roger Daltery?
Mick Jagger?
Keith Richard?
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New Poll: Best Rock Drummer
Let me know if I have missed anyone.
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kurzweil will rock again

haha! no more heavy bastard casing!
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Official WE ROCK topic
we may be misfits but we really do rock.

Slayer Gitarre2 Drums

Blue Scope Initial Nerve Bobule
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Women who are into rock music...
How cool are they? there just doesn't seem to be enough of them to go round, or at least can someone please deliver some more to jungle clubs in Devon. Went to this club last night and met one but got a bit of a shyness attack Roll Oops
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tomahawk!! and other such rock things...
i found mit gas on special for like half price!!! damn thats a nice digipack.

love the prog lounge cartoon rawk.

speaking of which, does anybody know the name of the band that guy from at the drive in has just released as? (not sparta) i heard it the other day too and it was mental latino rock and troll.

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