Author: Sir Loris of Crowthorne - Replies: 6 - Views: 703
Rock or Roll ?
Author: Blue - Replies: 8 - Views: 459
The greatest Rock and roll band of all time????
Ministry hands fucking down..........

Twisted Twisted Twisted
Author: esb - Replies: 0 - Views: 196
and the winner is>>>>>:drum roll:
i posted a poll to about 4 different forums about
voting your pick for a 1 hour spotlight to run on
my show which will air on on monday night....

....and the winner is:
Beta 2 & Zero Tolerance with 54% of the votes.

runner ups:
Cause 4 Concern @ 16%
L Plates @ 20%
K/Polar @ 10%


hour one will be all new bits I have received this
week, and hour 2 all about the ones like Beta 2 &
Author: meta - Replies: 9 - Views: 1334
Johnny L 'Let's Roll'
Anyone heard that let roll by johnny l HEAVY track!! quite apt seeing as war coul dbe round the corner..wicked little bush sample!!....

Author: _cform - Replies: 9 - Views: 638
and heads will roll.
Author: Altered Ego - Replies: 23 - Views: 1493
Jonny L 'Let It Roll' Remix .........
Did anyone hear this on G.Riders show on Friday ?

For those who don't know in the original he sampled a certain Mr Bush this time he has sampled a certain Iraqi information minister ........ Icon_eek Hahaha
Author: Macc - Replies: 126 - Views: 4608
Technicality Roll Call
atteennnnnnn-shun! :salute:

who is at technicality then? i want a full and complete list, so that any who let us down can be placed in detention for the appropriate amount of time Spank :d

plus i'd like to say hello to anyone who is there, of course. Smile Wave
Author: B - Replies: 96 - Views: 3735
Roll Call for Ultra Violet live @ Cargo August 19
[Image: http://www.subvertcentral.com/forum/imag...august.gif]

look at that for a line up....all me favourites under one roof and a chance to check out ultra violet for real...me thinks its unmissable so

ive booked me flights and i'm coming over!!

yippeeee!! Icon_yippee Jig Alc Burnin

im gonna run amok!!! B

right so whos is having an after party this thing finishes at 1am = disgraceful!

who wants buckfast?

and who
Author: Düffah - Replies: 4 - Views: 499
Roll up, roll up! Answer Doof's next dumb question!
And win a prize! Sorry, no prizes, but why is it that some pm's get 'stuck' in the outbox?



Author: Macc - Replies: 36 - Views: 2569
The usual roll call........
alright i ain't gonna mess about:

who's there weds night then?

and seeing as i have had to borrow money just to get there, who's gonna buy me a drink? Wink Bigstick


gonna be ruff - i dunno how many other people have heard soul hunter testifies, but i will be the one going more mental than a big mental thing. Scopezombie

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