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Run your life .............
If you haven't read the info on the link below it is vital reading ......... especially if you plan to be a commanding officer in a big battle.

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Irish Run amok in absence of any SB crew!
They're presumably busy with their Ultra-Violent gig or whatever...so I say it's time to set up a cattle-mart and a fair here in SB central.


How much for this heifer?

[Image: http://www.kyloes.net/haydons%20heifer.jpg]
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digital - cyberdub / on the run (CHANEL9601)
is anybody in here, who owns piece of vinyl???
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Why Doesn't The Body Count Meter Run in Reverse?
Via instapundit.com


According to the United Nations, prior to the invasion of Iraq up to 5,000 Iraqis, two-thirds of them children, were dying of privation. Walter Russel Meade highlighted this estimate in an opinion piece prior to the war:

Based on Iraqi government figures, UNICEF estimates that containment kills roughly 5,000 Iraqi babies (children under 5 years of age) every month, or 60,000 per year. Other esti
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Redeye still run tings!
Ordered a pile of vinyl from them yesterday at about 2pm & received eveything this morning 9am.

Now that's service 4 ya!

& there the cheapest online store to boot.

Good stuff me thinks? Although they didn't have Dom & Calyx in stock,infact they didn't have any Dom & Roland records?????
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run to redeye now! wicked sale items
Special offer! Dillinja : Twist 'em out / Twist 'em out (Dylan mix) - Trouble On Vinyl for 2.49

wow what a fecking deal! bagged 4 to do quad drops Skull
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Attn Bobule - Power PC emulator - run OSX on PC
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I Got Run Over! Anyone know about how cars are crash-tested?

I haven't been around lately since I was hit by a car - whilst walking on a zebra crossing in broad daylight! :O

So anyway I am fine and the man has been charged and I get dollars compensation, woooo!

Er, anyway...what I wanted to ask was: does anyone know about how cars are made to crumple so well? The car bonnet was dented and the windscreen smashed to bits by my head (but I didn't bleed and my body is totally fine!). Seems as if cars are made to break easily to sav
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So out of interest, how many people here run SETI@home?
with all this 'is it isn't it?' signal stuff going on i wondered how many people here run the seti@home screensaver thing..?

i just downloaded it today personally.. here is the link for anyone else who wants to do their bit too.


if you don't know what this is, it's basically a screensaver type affair that receives some of the data that the seti lot receive and remote processes it for them.. so kinda like helping out during your
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