Author: littleNemo - Replies: 4 - Views: 593
Sad news for the Shake Ray Turbine lovers...
i just got news from my record dealer, apparently the album isn't listed anywhere. No
Author: subvert - Replies: 9 - Views: 445
this is really sad
got the link from doa....

Author: kameel - Replies: 11 - Views: 1338
ok.. i'm offically a SAD PANDA...
the... Kameel only has one ! after it when you scroll over it... and everyone else as two...

Author: Lata - Replies: 3 - Views: 302
Funny Warnings (if you're a sad lonely internet physicist)
Author: subvert - Replies: 14 - Views: 330
Is it sad to have a bonfire on your own ??
when nobody else could be bothered to show ???


i wanna burn more than i originally was now........
Author: SETI - Replies: 29 - Views: 1402
i'm happy and sad
...this year has seen unprecedented musical innovations, unexpected fun and kicks, and a new level of quality in live performances and i'm even making more cash than this time last year...

...but one of my tightest kru members is moving out of my country (west coast US) for good next week...the notorious dj and fellow Sun Ra disciple Ben Wa is moving back to Belgium and isn't expected to be coming back after five mind-bending years in the US, and it has been such a great time and so man
Author: Statto - Replies: 13 - Views: 889
another sad DOA statting thread
Which producer have you got more records of than any other?

my top ten:

54 Paradox (4 LPs)
36 Blue (2 LPs)
34 Photek (2 LPs)
34 Digital (0 LPs)
30 Krust (1 LP)
27 4 Hero (4 LPs)
26 Klute (3 LPs)
25 Ed Rush (1 LP)
24 Omni Trio (5 LPs)
24 Blame (2 LPs)

Author: Düffah - Replies: 8 - Views: 704
Sad geek question
ok, so after the last 3-4 days of solid nord programming, i'm in love with it and i'd like a nord t-shirt.

and before anyone shouts [Image: http://www.subvertcentral.com/forum/imag...google.gif] i've done that and all i get is germans on silly bikes.

so, any ideas chiefs?


oh, and the smiley du jour is Wave

so, Wave

Author: 8bits - Replies: 3 - Views: 669
ATT Blue: I'm the sad fucker mmmmmkay?
tomorrow is my 3 year aniversary with her, and to top it all 12 is valentines day over here.

i already booked my flight to her city, and i won't go because i have to work! Sad2

Author: littleNemo - Replies: 9 - Views: 710
It's a sad sad day
i just heard two tracks from the forthcoming helmet (sic!) album, and they are total shite. i love everything they've ever done up to their last album 7 years ago, and now this. a "reunion" with nobody of the original lineup except page hamilton. boring run-of-the-mill rock. why oh why... Sad2

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