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Sarah Sandy interview June 1997
Bryan Belfortune talks to Sarah Sandy (Groove Connection)

S: I was raving 88/89. I was a student at Goldsmiths doing film and Cultural Studies and started raving basically. I was doing my degree there, just went to a club and couldn't believe what was going on.
B: 88/89?
S: Yes 88.
B: Were you travelling out of London then doing the full-on Biology and Energys?
S: I went to Energy. I didn't go to Sunrise. I missed that. I used to go to Enter the Dragon a
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Sarah Jane Gray (artist, one half of Broken Library band)
I encountered Sarah Jane Grey and her bandmate Sam Pope, playing covers and original material as the band Broken Library, in Witney in late October 2017. The happy couple suffered joint brain haemorraghes at different points in life, and Headway charity helped them to release this.

I've just visited Sarah's artist website for the first time, piqued by the CD paintings in the inner sleeve of their "Jigsaw" album, a collection of song-writing covers and original works. The album is available t

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