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Super Subversive Saturday Live Premiership Score Centre
here is the latest at 15.13pm

Arsenal 0-1 Blackburn
Birmingham 0-0 Man City
Chelsea 0-0 West Brom
Liverpool 0-0 Tottenham
Man Utd 0-0 Aston Villa
Middlesbrough 0-1 Leeds
Newcastle 0-0 Charlton

Yidi Printer
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This Saturday .............
Arsenal will destroy United and prove once and for all that they may as well cease trading as a football club.
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Live Floor Show BBC2 saturday nites
at last a half decent stand up show on telly.

some quite good ones this week

al murray
freddy boyle

bit dodgy on the music selection but hey.
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Anti War march THIS Saturday
If you are planning on going, I'm setting up a meeting point.

Outside the National Film Theatre (The outdoor cafe area next to the Thames)
South Bank.

This is on the opposite side of the Thames from the Embankment.
11:00 to 11:30 ish.

I hope to see you all there, it'll be nice to finally meet some of you.
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Whats going on this Saturday ??
With the filming ? is it still on ? Baffled
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Goldenchild's Drum INfected on every Saturday on Phuturefreq
That's right every saturday on http://www.phuturefreq.com from 4-6pm central time, 10pm-12am GMT time Goldenchild will be goin through some Mandatory Headnbangin Drum and bass for 2 hours. Takin shouts all the time, and chat room on the site as well! Guest apperances once a month, so Plug In!

http://www.phuturefreq.com Has alot of other Drum and Bass and Hip Hop shows as well!

Bookmark this shit - http://www.phuturefreq.com
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Fracture + Neptune on internet radio this saturday!!!

12:00 - 13:30GMT

you know the drill!
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ATTN: THE DUTCH CREW! this saturday 07-06-2003 PARADOX LIVE!
aaiigghhtt, fools!

who got game and is willing to have ourselves a little meet next saturday?

I'm talking to you Tyranny and John and Croms and whoever else is willing to travel up to The Hague and join me in a beat extravaganza that is a Paradox live....

pm for contact details!!
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It's the Vodafone summer ball in Newbury this Saturday
so grab a tux, break in and come partay with us lot :]

rumour has it kylie will be there.. hmmmmm.

and apparantly they are installing an ice rink just for the night too.

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BODYCOUNT show this saturday
That's right peeps.

Punter is gonna be checking out BODYCOUNT on saturday. [it's free for me, so it's worth it]

Bodycount rocks inna a amusing way.

ICE T is the man.

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