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Official SC Alias Awards 2006
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Attention SC geezers
Why can't I post attachments on this forum?

Tried a couple of times, the usual way, ie by browsing for a file on my 'puter and hitting "add attachment" once found, and it just disappears... Maybe just me being dumb, dunno?
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Performance of the Spinning SC logo ???
Good ???

Bad ???

Does it spin smoothly for you all ??
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SC label - unaffiliated subvert massive funds
running total

everything's gone on sc records
but we raised over a grand Smile

john doe (netherlands)
düffah (england)
statto (england)
tza (norway)
esb (canada)
matt (england)
karbonkid (belgium)
rhythmicnature (england)
machu (usa)
phokus (england)
naphta (ireland)
michal (canada)
noisemonkey (england)
cp_ffm (germany)
stacks (ireland)
logos (england)
dj ml (england)
code (ireland)
madmarshal (switzerland)
ufo_over_easy (
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Ok guys nearly ready to put the whole order in so far.

Can you all PM me your addresses.

This does not include ....

Seasavoida, TZA, cp_ffm, Phokus, Code, Macc.

Duffs dude it appears i dont have your address yet son.

Cheers guys.
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new to SC
hello! I happened upon this board a couple of weeks ago and am totally diggin' it, so I wanted to introduce myself. It's awesome to find a dnb forum where people actually talk about music for one thing, and this particular vein of drum madness and different-thinking stuff for which I have a great deal of enthusiasm. And it's cool to see posts (and more to the point, tunes and mixes!) by folks whose work I have heard and really admire and enjoy: blue, fanu, alpha omega, macc, fracture and neptune
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So where is SC now?
Just looking for an update really............ It's all gorn a bit quiet, like........

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another SC landmark
one year old
100 pages long

and now...

4000 threads

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Mixin' SC Beats!!!
Yeeeesssss! Thanks to a really sound bar manager in Limerick, I got a loan of a Pioneer CDJ 100S last night till tonight which means I can mix all my CD's for the first time! It's the most excited I've been about mixing in awhile coz I've cained every record I have for the longest time... (has been fuck all released in the last few months to get excited about...).


Must say, alot of the Subvert Central things are sounding really good!
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AO on SC
have the tracks been decided upon yet?

code Wrote:i know what sc003 is:

alpha omega - "swingers" / "tribalist"
right so Xyxthumbs

code Wrote:as for sc001 & sc002, they are both up in the air until i get the blue and ultra violet stuff on cd and also the pieter k track. i think blue wants "9 lives" or "lost souls" by ao on sc001 aswell but i was waiting to get one last cd of tracks from ao before we comitted on way or the other!
[quote=code]just onto blue on the phone

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