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Author: Croms - Replies: 6 - Views: 539
Catalog numbers for Sebadox/Fanu 12's on Bassbin/Breakin'?
Does anybody happen to have the catalog numbers for Seba & Paradox "Frost"/"Sound on Sound" on Bassbin and Fanu/Samurai "Tale From The Sea"/"Galician Girl" on Breakin'?

Author: 8bits - Replies: 17 - Views: 1078
Sebadox - Frost/Sound on Sound [Bassbin]
sound on sound

Falcon x 8373874
Author: Sumo - Replies: 4 - Views: 429
Spirit and sebadox
Just a quick headz up...sebadox and spirit on redeye!
Author: 8bits - Replies: 52 - Views: 1745
Sebadox - Planet Stars/Kali (Freak014)
Seba & Paradox - Planet Stars / Kali (FREAK014)

Promo date: 20/06/05
Release date: 18/07/05

Kali is the pick for me....damm this is a TUNE! In the vein of Rufige Kru imo, wich is GREAT! Lovesmilie
Author: cp_ffm - Replies: 1 - Views: 271
Sebadox at big German festival
seba, paradox and con.struct will be at the big sonne, mond, sterne festival in august. big ups for that! maybe i'll have time to go there.

line up
Author: 0=0 - Replies: 12 - Views: 715

Seba on the on the sampler...manos on the mic.


Author: proto j - Replies: 11 - Views: 925
check out the sebadox flyer my bwoy prahjekt did!...
Author: proto j - Replies: 14 - Views: 1112
the mighty sebadox absolutely murdered NC last night...
dev opened w/ "aries maze", got into some other bits, new thing on headz, "love her" fuckin' smaaaaaaaaaashed it, as did "play twice b4 listening", and by my request, he ended w/ "a certain sound", and broke it down to the very last compound, slowin' the amen way down, it was so grimey, then pitched it up which just sounded brutal...

people were goin' insane... which is so inspiring to me, to see reactions like that, and people goin' off to some serious music, proving it can also be "danceflo
Author: wizard - Replies: 2 - Views: 333
SEBADOX@ DC - how did it go?
Author: Statto - Replies: 35 - Views: 1534
just going through a few records looking for some to purge

during which process I played all these...

Sebadox - Frost / Sound on Sound (Bassbin 014)
Sebadox - Planets ... Stars / Kali (Freak 014)
Sebadox - Move On (Hospital 085)
Sebadox - You Didn't See It Did You / Drum Sessions remix (Paradox Music 003)
Sebadox - It's Not a Dream / Open Minds Please (Paradox Music 006)
Sebadox - The Last Goodbye / Stone Cold (Paradox Music 007)
Sebadox - It's All Love / Can't Let Go (Paradox Music
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