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Secret Rhythms
i just put this into google and found a review here...

after the review it says...
read other people's comments then tell us what you think

"amazing album! so deep, like all his previous work - truly beautiful music. bobule, reading, uk"

Icon_eek Icon_eek Icon_eek Grin Wave
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The secret of everything
Man walks into a fish shop with a Trout under his arm

Man says,"Do you do Fishcakes"

Fish man says "yeah"

Man says "good, can you do one for him - its his Birthday tommorow!!!!"

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yesterdays Metro: Flies hide a giant old secret...
THE world's oldest genitals have ben found - and not much has changed in the last 400million years. They have been discovered on fossilised daddy long-legs, or craneflies, in the North of Scotland. And, after all this time, mother nature has not seen fit to improve her design. The remains of a male contained a penis two-thirds the length of its body and the female had a long egg-laying organ known as a ovipositor, just like modern crane-flies. The fossils were found by a team from Humboldt U
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Secret Service Investigates Teen's Art Project
PROSSER, Wash. -- One drawing showed President Bush's head on a stick. Another depicted Bush as a devil launching a missile.

The drawings by a 15-year-old boy in Prosser, Washington, were enough to prompt some questions from the Secret Service.

Agents questioned the teen after being called by police. The boy's art teacher told school officials about the drawings, and they called police.

The boy was not arrested but the school district has taken disciplinary action.

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ahahah wave smile secret!!!
when you select the wave smile Wave he get's sad!!!!!
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Detuned Radio : ESB & Union : Secret Society Session
[Image: http://www.bitterbrew.com/skullandbonesbuilding.jpg]


Detuned Radio
[size=2]10pm-12am GMT
5pm-7pm EST

friday has rolled around once again...tonight we are broadcasting from a
very secret location which we cannot divulge. tune in as we provide the
soundtrack for the NWO. unfortunatly, we cannot tell you who's music
we will be playing as we have sworn an oath of supreme secrecy. in any
case consider yousel
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Streetbeats in secret R&B label shame!
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Source Direct - Secret Liaisons

but i dont own it Icon_sad
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Psidream - Secret Life - OHMOSR
OK this kind of track is not normally my thing, but damn I have been playing it lots

I think it's all those synths and little vocal things that get me, builds into quite an intense track. eg the second drop with that long ghosty noise in the background..

as I was saying, not normally my thing - the beats are pretty much the same through out etc etc, but it works, nice one psidream Grin

I'd say it's one of my favourites out of that series..

anyone else?
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new secret operations (seba) audio
captain freak

ow yesssssss.... Cool

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