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Growing Plants from Seed
Hello, I have had a lot of experiements with growing plants from seeds that I get in packets for India cooking (cardamoms, chillis, onions, coriander etc are all whole seeds that I've just put in pots and they've grown! I also sprouted garlic and chickpea plants too!

I was wondering if anyone has don this; I want to grow an avocado plant, and a banana plant, more for their foliage than seeds...anyone know why they won't grow?
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Exocet - Demon Seed
Tarzan has this listed as 'Ian James'. Surely someone this talented can't have only made 4 tunes ever. Is it known wether this is an alias for anyone?
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"demon seed" appreciation thread
since this forum is somewhat also an excellent source and reference guide to the better things popular culture has to offer i d like to inform u about a late-night tv finding i recently had: a 1970ies sci-fi/horror movie on a supercomputer that took over the computer-operated house of its main engineer over the then pretty new internet. after some killings the supercomputer manages to reproduce itself with a little help of the scientists wife and a great self-built robot consisting of shiny meta
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WITHIN a large concrete room, hewn out of a mountain on a freezing-cold island just 1000 kilometres from the North Pole, could lie the future of humanity.

The room is a "doomsday vault" designed to hold around 2 million seeds, representing all known varieties of the world's crops. It is being built to safeguard the world's food supply against nuclear war, climate change, terrorism, rising sea levels, earthquakes and the en
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Silent Witness-`Looking Up EP` [Triple Seed Recordings]
[Image: http://rinse.it/assets/labels/triple-see...06_300.jpg]

Silent Witness returns to Triple Seed with the stunning "Looking Up" EP. A
mind bending display of technoid paranoia and blissed out melancholy.

3.Looking Up
4.Stone Wall
6.Looking Up (radio edit)

1. Overdog

Influenced by a character from a favourite eighties sci-fi b-movie, "Overdog"
kicks things off in rude style with brooding atmosphere and groovy filtered
bass stab
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Silent Witness-`Ice Pipe EP` [Triple Seed Recordings]
Silent Witness - Ice Pipe EP

Following on from the epic "Looking Up" EP, this fresh selection from Silent
Witness is sure to stop you in your tracks again!

Tek - stepping vibes meet Detroit flavours, across 4 modern stomping dnb cuts.

LABEL: Triple Seed Recordings
ARTIST: Silent Witness
TITLE: Ice Pipe EP
GENRE: Drum & Bass
RELEASE DATE: 2014-10-06
Silent Witness - Look

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