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Free midi sequencers, are there any?
I need one fast!

I have a really weird situation right now. I can't install my bought cubase vst 3.7 because for some reason, my cd-writer cant read the disk (my comp crashes each time i try to read the disk) and my dvd drive won't open at all so i cant use it either! well this is enough of a problem in itself but to top it all my soundcard isnt working anymore (well havent done that for quite some time now actually)

i dont have money for a new computer or any new hardware. I CANT F
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VST Automation in Cubase SX (and other sequencers)
I'm sure this is pretty similar whatever the sequencer you're using. I've been used to Reasons automation for ages now which is simple, easy to use and quick.

Now I'm moving to a proper sequence Teef (reasons (sic) withheld Wink) this is an area I have no idea about.

Making assumptions, I guess that every VSTi - be it Kontact, V Station, Voxengo EQ etc - all have MIDI controllers for every parameter they offer and you automate that in Cubase/Other sequence.

Over to you guys.
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Sequencers for Palm devices
http://www.chocopoolp.com/bj_features.php - bhajis loops (sequencer/sampler/)
http://www.chocopoolp.com/mi_features.php - Microbe (step sequencer similar to groove box)

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