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simple question...95 or 96?
*simple question...95 or 96?
post yer pick..
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So no one likes a nice simple roller anymore?
i.e Calibre, Marcus Intalex, Wax Docter, Breakage rah rah rah

Must be complicated! must have edits! must fit into abstract pigeon hole!

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Blood Simple (the Coen Bros)
Think this was their first ever?

Just watched it last night, very good.

That M. Emmet Walsh is such a dirty sleaze-bag!

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haha simple but very funny
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Simple image editing help please
I have nicely made printed card trumpet fingering chart here. I want to make it a jpeg or something so I can print off a copy and not mangle the original one by folding it to fit in my trumpet case.

Thing is it is too big to photocopy or scan all at once, so I have photocopied two halves and scanned them into my PC. I don't have the facilities to stick the two together to make one single A4 size sheet Mad

Could someone please stick them together for me? there's tiny bit missing between the
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windows problem (something simple)
when i wanna do @ i have to press shift + 2 how do i get it back to normal Oops
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Simple gain box
Alright chaps Smile

So I need some pointing in the right direction. Often at gigs I need to sort out a secondary mixer, literally so that I can get my headphones loud enough to compete with the club sound system. Then I can run my feed into that, plug my cans in, and have a volume knob handy in case I need to adjust it during the gig.

Of course, I could buy a little mixer, but it's more weight, especially with the power supply etc etc - and I am already lugging half a drum kit and a laptop (
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Great fun! Grin

2144 is the best I got so far....
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An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything
This theory claims to unify all fields of the standard model with gravity using a 248-point lattice of E8 geometry.

[Image: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/co...ph.svg.png]

The beauty of this E8 model is that it can predict particle interaction using simple high school geometry.

Particles are represented on each of the 248 points on the E8. E.g quarks/anti-quarks, gluons etc. Then using simple geometry interactions can be predicted that mat
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free simple file hosting
good little simple file sharing site up to 5gb files


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