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come on Genki.........

one of your big ones please???!!

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oh my god this is something else
Green or Yellow ?

Discuss .............
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thats something i just can't answer at this time
as you will understand, this is an ongoing situation. we are investigating what is happening, and you can be sure that we will know what is going on soon. our men on the ground are the best and they will know what to do. they will decide on what to do when the time comes. they will have a series of options that they could take. which option they take will be decided by them at the time required. what time this choice is required to be made will be decided on by the commanders on the ground when
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I've been listenin' to this non-stop on a tape in my car for the last few weeks... on the Fracture and Neptune set from Technicality last April - the fuckin' roll of it!!!!

MY GOD!!! This doing me head serious damage at the moment!

Any release info on it? Remember hearing what label it was coming out on and when but I can't recall...
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heres something odd.

Gadaffi's son joins Italian football club

The son of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has joined Italian first division football club Perugia and will start training with them in July.
Saadi Gaddafi, 30, the captain of Libya's national soccer team, will join the team permanently in the autumn if his time in Italy proves fruitful.

"It is an honour for me to be able to play with Perugia," Saadi Gaddafi was quoted by Italian
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I would post something randomly insulting to a miscreant on.
this board picked at random but your site won't allow me to put really long subject titles on the posts and this one will probably end up in the crapper anyway so instead I'll just say this: Big up you crazy beat merchants Grin
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Something to make you feel insignificant, yet lift you up.
i was reading this article


and i thought it was pretty remarkable, the last bit, where they say:

"astronomers put the age of the universe at 13.7 billion years."

if they are talking the american billion (that is 1,000,000,000) then our time on this planet is on average about....

80 years out of 13,700,000,000

if they mean european billions then it's 80 out of 13,700,000,000,000 (or something stupid like that.
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Ok Fellow minds here's something for you ..............
An intresting if not slightly disturbing discovery .........



Sorry bout picture quality its not too good.
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When the feck will Nine Inch Nails do something new?
I'm waiting.

I'm waiting.


come on Trent you slack bastard.

How many years since The Fragile? And the remix album was a pile of shoite!!
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Fanu - Something a Little More Radical





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