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Words 2 Be Heard - Sonic Weapon is just :D ...who are they?
i own the conrad lp and never payd much atention to this tune but d a m m m m! it's amazing!

i'm pretty in love....

i know that words 2 be heard is mainly conrad but in the vinyl it says it was produced and written by: c thompson (conrad), c. henson (?) and m d'cruz (is he d'cruze?)

who are the other 2?

Falcon Falcon Falcon
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Seba & Lotek - Sonic Winds
after a copy of this wonderful tune...

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dom & roland - "sonic shock" = drumfunk...
i flipped over "the storm" tonight and listened to "sonic shock" for the first time (after having it all these years), and it's fuckin' "drumfunk"...

i mean, it really sounds like some current paradox shit or something...

and it was made in '96...

fuckin' nice one...

someone should play this at technicality...

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walter carlos - sonic seasonings
picked this up on a sunday jaunt to the mighty Beanos record store in croydon. i was blown away by it! incredible soundscapes, it sounds gorgeous.....

i never realised walter carlos and wendy carlos were one and the same though. Eek

anyone got any suggestions for similarly crazy ambient lp's to go and buy? Grin
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Sonic Youth - Goo
how i could have lived without this for years is beyond me........finally got a mint copy on vinyl.

am totally addicted, fave tune is tunic (song for karen)......."she said, you are never going anywhere"

Xyxthumbs Blue Xyxthumbs

[Image: http://www.grunger.de/bilder/bildersonicyouth/goo.jpeg]
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sonic finger audio plugins
just listen to 'ambient vacuum' sound sample.... amazing
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Sonic Youth news....
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sonic walker netlabel dnb mix

have a gander

* MF - Sunrise ft. Creep [xgn018]
* Thomas Loher - Roll The Drums [ooo97]
* Cube - Sound Engine (Cloak and Dagger remix) [xgnrmx001]
* Salamandra - Unknown Galaxy [xgn014]
* Beatokko – Southwest [xgn005]
* Jay - You Hypnotize [sci008]
* Temulent – Angershine [xgn016]
* Bhasmantam – Flute Dub [Lav04]
* Dissident - Fluter In Hell [xgn0
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Cruise ship 'used sonic weapon' against pirates.

"MAHE, Seychelles (AP) -- The crew of a cruise ship attacked by pirates off the coast of Somalia used a sonic weapon to help ward off the attackers, the Miami-based Seabourn Cruise Line said Monday.

The device blasts earsplitting noise in a directed beam.

The Seabourn Spirit escaped Saturday's attack also by shifting to high speed and changing course, the cruise line said.

The sonic device, know
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Seba - Sonic winds/So Long

thats a wicked price, someone buy et!!!


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