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I'm gonna split from you leftie fekkers.
I'm sick of seeing you lot on other forums dropping names like Offshore, Bassbin, Inperspective, Breakage, Paradox, Polska etc etc in rants about the cause and then not Streetbeats or Blue!!

Do i/we not fit in to your requirements of being a leftie or am i/we too radical?

you lot are left of field dnb and i am Radical dnb.

(this rant does not apply to Naphta)

sort it out you fekkers or i'm off.
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Offshore/Ohm Resistance Split 10" Series - SUBSCRIBE!!!
Just follow this link-


First two 10"s including Fracture & Neptune and Fanu will be shipping on December 15th!!!
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How can I split a variable bit rate mp3?
Right, been burning loads of sets to CD recently with my newly pinched CD burner. Been splitting the bigger sets with some little shareware program so I can stick them on 2 CDs

However it refuses to work on one of my favourite sets - the Bailey & Equinox one from Technicality 2nd birthday because it's a variable bit rate mp3, whatever the fuck that is. Is there anything I can use to split it, bearing in mind I'm not a producers so I don't have any decent audio software. Just looking for somet
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Drum and Bass Split ????
I was listening to 1xtra today - Ace and Invisible! and they where playing SBS & Drumsound - that new track on Prototype - The one Rider reckons kills it everytime - fuck knows why! (do you know that is the first time I heard it!) fuck knows what it is called , anyway I was thinking about back in the day when Happy Hardcore was played alongside jungle 93/94 and the split that emerged there. The happy hardcore filled venues/tents and the jungle went into smaller clubs - you had these crossover tr
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split 7" w/ DuranDuranDuran in Urban Decay.co.uk
So somehow this urban-decay.co.uk guy got suckered into stocking one of my records- my "Dragon attack remix" split w/ Duran Duran Duran on Omeko records. DDD side = crazy fast cut up amen stuff. Me side = superfast cut up disco/metal. both sides are remixes of Jason Forrest aka Donna Summer on Sonig Records. clear vinyl 7", ltd to 300 (some how I doubt the market for 220 bpm splatterdisco extends beyond 300 people) import from japan etc.

I hate writing these promo messages but I gue
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is this trinity/foul play split 12" any good?
Author: Ashes - Replies: 37 - Views: 2082
Ultra-violet split up.
we hate everyone and have decided to kill ourselves in a drug indused frenzy of self mutilation.

Bon Voyage UV.

Author: cube - Replies: 8 - Views: 616
OHMOSRCD: Offshore Ohm Resistance Split 10" CD
Eek Eek shit hot! been a while since something this amazing has graced my ears. Lovesmilie
someone know where i can buy it?

Lovesmilie process - fascination

and how sileni - twitchy droid leg runs along with psidream - secret life.
Lovesmilie asc - torment & el topo vip

mixing in it is great too. big ups to brett Xyxthumbs
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A Moment Of Clarity mix (split) and a Nu Jazz mix from 2003
just a couple of mixes... more things soon

(split up)
(please right click & "save target as")

01 D Bridge & Fierce - Twilight (Quarantine)
02 MC Conrad & Makoto - Golden Girl (Good Looking)
03 Keaton & Verse - White Crow (Crunc
Author: cheef - Replies: 13 - Views: 1036
What # is your poster from the ohm/offshore split mailings?
Mine is #73 of 200...... :P

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