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If you could sponsor the oldskool producers...
I was talking to a friend the other day...

If you had too much money (billionaire style) and you weren't happy with the current state of D&B, and saw those interviews by Dillinja, Goldie, Photek, Crystl...about wanting to bring back the edge to the music, but not doing it mainly because they have to "pay the bills".

If you could throw money at their hands and asked them to do a LP with tunes like they used to do. Would you think that they would achieve the goal?

I keep asking myself if
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Sponsor me please
For the month of september i will be growing a lovely moustache in aid of testicular cancer.
Ive had a few people say that this is daft and its easy to grow a moustache however im going to end up looking like ian beale for a month so its acctually going be embaraasing and tough. surely being able to laugh at me is a good reason enough to chip in a few quid or whatever you can spare.


a thousand thank yous Smile
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Please sponsor my mate, running for the ACLT!!!
Ez Subverts.......

Please read this message from a good friend of mine .......AND SPONSOR HIM!!! (he is family with Daniel De-Gale...RIP...)
This is a good cause!!!!

''On Saturday 06th June 2009 I will be taking part in a 10k Marrowthon in London’s Regents Park.

I will be taking part in the ACLT Run For Their Lives Marrow-Thon and I intend to give it my best. By doing this I aim to raise awareness and promote bone marrow and blood donation, as well as raise funds for the ACLT Charit
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Ride for the 96 - My charity bike ride (Pls sponsor me and spread the word)
[Image: http://www.rideforthe96.co.uk/wp-content...banner.png]

Hi Subverts!

In April 2012 I'll be riding my bike from my home in Suffolk, East Anglia, to Anfield football stadium in Liverpool. My route will take me via Sheffield and the Hillsborough stadium where 96 Liverpool FC fans - some as young as 10 years old - lost their lives on April 15th 1989.

I'm cycling in the memory of those 96 souls, and to raise money for the Hillsborough Family Support Group, the H

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