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Spot the geek?
Or not for that matter. Who on this forum would not considered themselves part of the brother and sisterhood of merry geekdom?
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Spot the nutters ........
Some intresting pics on the DOA thread, but look at this pic, its like spot the subvert Hahaha

Duffah rocking out Rofl

[Image: http://www.dogsonacid.com/attachment.php?postid=2490006]
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spot of news from the timeless recordings camp
Hi everyone,

Timeless Music Group is getting ready for Autumn/Winter bookings and spring 2005.
Here's a roundup of news for u all. Please email any questions or booking enquiries.

Thanks for your time & support!

Timeless Music Group / DJ AGENCY
Email: martyn@timelessmusic.org ::: timelessrecs@aol.com
(new!) AIM: TimelessAgency & AIM: TimelessRecs

Digital has recently been shaking up things with
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Can you spot which Subvert this child grew up to be??!
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hmmm... spot the difference
[Image: http://content.ytmnd.com//136000/136547/image.jpg]

now thats 'objective' reporting innit
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Help! a spot of confuzzlement on harmonics.
[quote]Pitch is the musical name for the scientific term Frequency. It denotes the sound of a particular frequency. Since, all musical sounds (of a given pitch) actually constitute a combination of several frequencies, Pitch is more accurately, the predominant frequency of a sound. Given two sounds of two frequencies, the way we hear them comparatively has more to do with the ratio of their frequencies, rather than their difference i.e. we deal with geometric progressions. For eg. two frequencie
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Bracknell! What a night spot
Checked it out the other month and i had such a killer time.

Here's some pics of my new mates i met....
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I can run on the spot
The Chicken Spot.

Cheep Cheep Cheap! 99p for 7 hot wings. That's cheep!
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Eric Dolphy Live At The Five Spot vol 2
fucking savage tune, this 'aggression' thing, written by booker little. 8billion mph business!

only two tunes, both over 15 minutes long, but suuuuperb - just showing the point where dolphy and little were starting to say 'fuck this' and go in their own direction. Falcon


flute and bass clarinet - eric dolphy
trumpet - booker little
bass - richard davis ( Lovesmilie )
piano - mal waldron
drums - eddie blackwell ( Lovesmilie )


i have some other booker little stuff t
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Hottest Spot on Earth

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