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help pick next weeks one hour spotlight on unwind radio
well the 4 choices above are the my picks for the first round. the ultimate winner is decide by your votes. the poll will run until next Friday and the winners material will air on my january 27th broadcast.

I got this brainstorm to do a monthly spotlight on a certain
artist (under all their aliases) or production unit...
basically starting with their earlier stuff and slowly working
my way to where they are today (when applicable of course).

-keep in mind I have been collecting ma
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Don't Miss It! Streetbeats Spotlight Monday On My Show
Pulling out all the streetbeats & related labels that I own
out and am going to do a little spotlight during the second
hour of my show along with union on a 2 for 2 tag team
this monday. don't miss it!

my collection is sporadic so please don't expect a 001-024
session. I am merely going to give props to some of the
fave tracks which I have in my possesion.

...i'll will make a formal post closer to the show.

try to tune in......

...and soon I will have a guest mix from blue
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if anybody wants the streetbeats spotlight off ftp
it's now up at my ftp....
19meg 2 hour real audio file

zee tracklist for the show...

01 - fanu - two drummers - offshore
02 - search engine - x plane - reinforced
03 - breakage - so vain - bassbin
04 - break - our world - eastside
05 - baron - audio slave - cia
06 - teebee - tech g - photek productions
07 - k - slow motion - breakbeatscience
08 - sileni - s.a.m.b. - thermal
09 - pieter k - trefusis point (rmx) - breakbeatscience
10 - pieter k - raport - offshore
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ESB & Union 95-97 Spotlight Show Archive Now Up
now offline....sorry making room for a new archive

spec sheet:
selectors: Union & ESB
lenght: 117mins
size: 112megs
rate: 128kbs

[size=2]dk krush - only the strong survive (dillinja remix) - mo' wax [mw060x]
dr. octagon - blue flowers (photek remix) - mo' wax [mw055x]
solo feat. jt - pressure - excursions [mwex-009]
dillinja - in the mood - mo' wax [mw053]
higher sense - out there - moving shadow [shadow85]
flytronix - ready ta flo (dom & roland remix) - moving shado
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Unwind Radio Sessions Tonight : Subvert Central Spotlight
[Image: http://www.subvertcentral.com/forum/temp..._phpbb.gif]

monday night : 6pm-8pm est
unwind radio sessions
*click above to access*

date:monday may-24-04
time:6pm-8pm est/11pm-1am gmt
url: www.club246.com
union [bitterbrew/flak/local 128]
esb [urbnet/bitterbr
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unwind radio sessions : esb & union doing a spotlight on
http://www.club246.com 11pm-1am gmt/6pm-8pm est

after spending all day in the sun it's safe to say i am
in a summer mood. therefore, i have decided do to
a 2 hour spotlight on a certain mystery artist whose
music is very very summery to say the least. if you
are about and feel like tuning in please do so.

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time is coming for another spotlight for a show...
suggest some artists you would like to see spotlighted...
i would like to do a spotlight on one of the monday shows
and approach it a little different. merge my editorial skills
with my selecting and do a spotlight on an artist and talk
about them and what they have done between tracks and

drop names here please
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Mo' Wax Excursions Series Spotlight Show Archive
here is the tesflight archive for our monthly downtempo
spotlight idea that we are toying with. lately we have felt
the unwind radio sessions should look at our roots and share
them with you. once a month you can expect something that
is bound to make you take a double take. if you flinch then
our mission has been accomplished.

radio styled archives.....

unwind radio sessions oct-18-04
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redid the first hour of the mo' wax excursions spotlight
i posted a link last tuesday which had the full 2 hour show, but
the archive was only saved as a real audio file. Icon_sad well i decided
to re-record it and play it on my fm show last night....so here is a
clean no speaking mp3 version. very unmixed. hope you like it.
only going to leave it online for about a day. a little teaser for the
full launch of http://www.bitterbrew.com


01 - olde scottish - wildstyle (howie b. remix) - #mw ex003
02 - the prunes - mister jolly liv
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Unwind Radio : Inperspective Spotlight
tune in broadband
tune in dialup
Union & ESB B2B
Unwind Radio Sessions
12am-1:30am BST
7pm-8:30pm EST

[color=#FFCC00]It's time yet again for us to partake in our new monthly
spotlight series on the unwind radio sessions. last month we
featured some of our favourite moment from the commercia

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