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Macc + F + N: Been spotting any heavy "bass" l8ly?

I think I spotted a punchy 35-45Hz today.........had a nice swing to it!
Was well wide, deadly pervasive in the mix!

Frax, Nelson?

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Test your snack-spotting skills

(from a thread on IDNB)

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Sample spotting
Is the vocal from Fanu's Siren Song taken from a certain recent David Lynch film? - it really reminds of the Silencio scene...
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Sample spotting!
-Jesus said to the man who was possessed, what's your name.....
-Legion, for we are many
(or something)

Spotted that last night in a movie Mrgreen
Not telling where though, just because i know that not every artist appreciates it......
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Sample Spotting is Awesome!
I think there was a post of this sort a while back, but....

I love when you hear a sample and you r like," Oh my god, that's from BLAHBLAH movie."

Most recent one for me is DJ Trax-Entity. Just ordered this rekkid. But was listening to it to see if I liked it enough to purchase. The sample is, "Science is a cruel mistress," from the movie 'The Big Blue' also known as 'Le Grande Bleu'. One of my favorite movies Mrgreen
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Grooverider spotting - NYC
Not quite, but funny nonetheless.

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