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So streetbeats crew, how did you start your label?
So I've been trying to start my own label Significant Audio. I have one release on it Grizzly - "I Am the Top Shooter/Mission: Reconstruction" which came out February/March 2002. I got US distros to take 250 but unfortunately they sent 70 back. Icon_cry I guess that's not too bad from a relative unknown. I sold a bunch on my own just going into stores which was nice especially in San Francisco. Peeps were really cool up there. Here in LA they basically ignored me. Hmmmph. Anyhow it's not like this
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May Beat Jam - The start of GROOVERIDER's Beat Jam Residency
beat jam thursday sessions presents grooverider
may 29th 2003
10 - 3
fez club reading
£4 b4 11 / members, £6 after 11

featuring grooverider, blue live pa, manikular, streetbeats residents

this event sees the start of a monthly residency from grooverider....its gonna be special, so make sure you dont miss out.....

tech itch and jakes smashed the last event, and ray keith played the best set ive heard in ages....many thanks to anyone who came do
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ABC:shoulder missile plot-US govt setup from start to finish
Less Than Meetsthe Eye?
U.S. Government Sting Operation Criticized as Setup

""He, on many occasions, in recorded conversations, referred to Americans as 'bastards' [and] Osama bin Laden as a hero," said Christie.
But what he did not say was just how much of the alleged missile plot was a government setup from start to finish."

For example, Lakhani had no contacts in Russia to buy the missiles before the sting and had no known criminal record for arms dealing, officials told ABCNEWS.
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I think i'm going to start posting on here more often.
I'm bored with doa. Roll

How's everyone doing?
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janne prkl start hustling your records already!
i've been at defcon 4 since you first mentioned you're emptying your crates man Hyper get on with the pimpage already!
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i really want to start over...
pardon me, rant coming Oops

...i really wish i was in a place with my electronic music where i was getting similar feedback as with my live music, and i wish that in the place where i lived people would not be such exclusive and judgemental and fucking anal as they are!!!!!!!

...i mean, wherever i went in the dnb scene in my town i simply caught nothing but attitude, no down-to-earth ability to have a conversation even, i've even caught fucking potential violence from people for no re
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What did you start out with? whats your story
I started with very first an akai so1, emu proteous, atari with cubase 3.0, spirit desk, in about 94, then after using the akai950, kawai k4r & korg m1, things actually started to happen, 1 mb of memory was amazing to me then Lol but time went on then got an emu 6400 for £1800 in 1998 (im still paying for it) a z1 and then stuck with that till i lost all my tracks on the emu hard drive then i went akai 5000, then back to the 6400, then now finally to, emu x, sx2, virus and loads of other ra
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Blue leaving SB to start Stand Up career shocker!
I have it on good authority that the reason Blue is no more is because he has finally perfected his long awaited Stand Up act.

Under the guidance of Tom O'Connor Blue has put the finishing touches to what is being described as the best act since Tom himself first took to the stage on Opportunity Knocks.

Blue begins a tour of Northern working men's clubs in early October.

My I be the first to wish him luck in his new career. Lets hope he has a long and glittering career as his mentor, th
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The 'I Start College Tomorrow' Thread!
it's only been 18 months since i thought i was leaving the world of education forever, when all of a sudden, today, i decide to start a hnc in computing tomorrow!

i'm a bit Nervous mind, i have to do maths and everything (which i've never been any good at!)

eeeek!!!! Nervous
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What do YOU start yer tune-writing with?
Yeah Macc, we KNOW!!! Drums

Everyone else? Twisted

I used to find a break I liked, cut it up bla bla bla, then find one or maybe 2 more, then go looking for some vocal sample(s) that create some kind of atmos or energy with the breaks while they're looping over.. then go look for some melodix (strings, pads, whatever) to try and establish the er... 'key' of the track (sorry, no-musical-training Massive say Aye!), then... go look for some bass.

But then I changed my tack! Now I'm

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