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I am starting new karaoke dnb night...
to get my collection going, ive purchased great HIT for opening night. as times are changing hope you all can get down with it and appreciate it.

Karaoke DNB
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Starting a label.

It was mentioned here a few weeks ago that the cost of setting up a record label / distribution operation would be in the region of 3000 Euro, is that right?

Just wanted to get a better idea of what all of that entails.

First of all,I presume that includes :

Mastering and pressing a few hundred vinyls (how many?)
& Sleeves (plain, I presume!)

What's the story with the distribution side? Are you paying some company to do it for you or what?

And I take it advertising wasn
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This isn't a bad site to check out.


Especially pay attention to the distribution links.
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thinking of starting a label...
well, yes, i've been thinking about this for a long time and am still to this moment not totally sure if i want to do it. i don't under-estimate the ammount of hard work it would be, not to mention the ammount of money i may have to put into it of which i may never see again. hopefully, if i did it right, i would @ least break even right? the other thing is that i've gone to art school and spent a lot of time persuing a photo career, which @ this point i've lost a lot of interest in. wether this
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completly gutting my studio/bedroom and starting again!
fuck its a lot of work!

im taking EVERYTHING out of my room, re-carpeting, cleaning, sorting out CDs and sorting out records (<---mission!). i need some CD and vinyl storage system now, the floor just wont do anymore!!!!

i want to get the studio part just right too... all neat and tidy with a rack. time to move out of the dark age of using home made cabinets to balance dynamic processors on!
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Jungle Show starting right now powerfm.org

Don Rosco here, just about to kick off on http://www.powerfm.org

Everything from Paradox to Glamour Gold

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Live Jungle starting now !! [url]www.powerfm.org[/url]
Don Rosco vs Ricky Force


lots of abstract bizness tonight, just cos I feel like it Icon_eek

eleven pm til two am Gee Em Tee
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Old Skool Jungle classics on eBay starting at £2.99
If you're interested, some real good tunes here Grin

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Brand New & 2nd Hand Vinyl On eBay, starting from £2.99
Author: haste - Replies: 4 - Views: 815
lots of lovlies on ebay...all starting at a quid

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