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suicide attack in saudi arabia aimed at private US company..
i just read an interesting article (written in 1996) about the company Vinnel that has been training the Saudi National Guard since 1975. The National Guard have been described as "a kind of Praetorian Guard for the House of Saud, the royal family's defence of last resort against internal opposition."

This is the second time Vinnel have been targeted in an attack (the first was in 1995) and it raises questions as to why a private mili
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Sexual suicide, cannibalism and necrophilia

Spider sex causes spontaneous death

12:33 26 June 03

NewScientist.com news service

Sexual suicide, cannibalism and necrophilia are all involved in a macabre study that adds a new twist to the mating behaviour of spiders.

Researchers found that for male orb-weaving spiders of the species Argiope aurantia completing copulation leads to certain death. The deceased suitor's corpse is then trapped in the fem
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anatomy of a suicide bombing...
to prevent them doing it, you have to understand why they do it, but often it seems to be beyond even the understanding of those that know and love the bomber...

gokhan elatuntas was a blue eyed, 22 year old with a stable job, carefree attitude, and a good life. 2 weeks ago he drove a truck into a jewish synagogue in istanbul, and blew himself up along with dozens of others both muslim and jewish.

often quoted by the media as an islamicist with connections to al qaeda, these links are bei
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suicide attack in moscow

just days after a train was exploded killing 40 pple in the south of russia

and we just had parliamentary elections too! neither yabloko nor sps - 2 liberal pro-reform western-type parties even made the 5% threshold!!!
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Hunter S. Thompson commits suicide
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Some musical techy biz. Subtitles/Suicide/DSCi4/Underfire...
Alright... if you're into the melodic techy shit, these mixes are for you. Mine's a bit more musical and xplizit's is more neuro but heavy as shit. If you check em out please leave some feedback! Gracias - Nick

[Image: http://pages.infinit.net/bluefire/Images/madslayer.gif]

First, my half of the show:

01.DB & Stakka.Groupies.Orgone
02.Teebee.Stolen Documents.Certificate 18
04.Alpha Omega.Skullcrusher.Exegene
05.Rob F & Impulse & Mecha.Neurotoxin.Sha
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forthcoming commercial suicide audio clips up.
junk, dominion and a few other tasty tunes. don't miss out.
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Poll: 1/4 Of British Muslims Support Suicide Bombers

[quote]A new poll says about a quarter of British Muslims sympathise with the motives of the London bombers, if not their methods.

And the survey in London's Daily Telegraph shows one-third of British Muslims believe Western society is immoral.

The poll asked Muslims if they felt the July the 7th suicide attacks in which 56 peopled died were justified, and six per cent said they were.

71 per cent said they weren't
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Klute :: Junk / Feroxx :: Commercial Suicide
Dunno what to think of this 12"...some nice ideas on both tunes... Mad

link for the audio crew
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ESP agency -> Klute (Commercial Suicide, Metalheadz, Soul:r)

We here at ESP are very proud to announce the addition of KLUTE to our roster.

ESP does now book him exclusively for the World except for North America.

Feel free to email with your proposals: mark@esp-international.co.uk


It is a pleasure to officially welcome him to the ESP family. Those of you who already know him will appreciate Klute as much as we do as a friendly and professional character

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