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reading survival tips
we're coming down on thursday

hit me with all i need to know

ps - is there anywhere safe we can park the car, i've heard car crime is rife in those parts. . .
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System Of Survival Launch Party
To Celebrate the launch of System Of Survival Studio and the unique collaboration of artists from all dance music genres System Of Survival are proud to announce their Launch Party showcasing the spectrum of music you can expect from the stable:

Bringin You Sets by:

Chris Inperspective (Drum and bass -Inperspective Record)

Senses (Old School Atmospheric Drum and Bass Set)

Darko (Banaczech - Broken Beat Set)

and support

Be prepeared for an eclectic night!!!

Friday 3rd Decemb
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Glasgow Survival and Neds
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Klute - F.O.T.P. / Survival
Release was on Certificate 18.

I am beginning to collect old school records. Is this track worth getting?
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Survival - Kensal Rise (INP013)

OMG I love this, coming on Inperspective 013

Who exactly is Survival and are there any other tunes about
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INP013 EQUINOX/SURVIVAL - I've just seen the Artwork....
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Liking his tunes a lot at the moment.

The new one on Inperspective is very good, and heard two tunes of his on Fabio's show last night, excellent material.

Incidently that has to be the first time I've listened to Fabio in - literally - years; he wasn't half bad!
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Survival on Creative Source
'hex' is forthcoming on fabio's label according to flight's show. big. looks like i'll be buying my first creative source release for 5 years or so. :d

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Senses + Survival "Kaikan" / "Lisys" HZN014 PROMOS OUT NOW!
[quote]Truth be told, it’s hard to believe that Horizons Music keeps coming with such strong product. Some labels would have fizzled out at their 14th release, but Horizons Music keeps the quality control upfront. This 12” showcases two of the new school’s budding producers who both caught the ear of 1xtra’s DJ Bailey. Senses’ “Babylon” spent ‘nuff time getting rinsed by Bailey on his “Intabeats” radio show, and Bailey’s “IntaSound” label just put out a 12” of Surviva
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Break & Survival - Cronk

really dirty beats and BASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Twisted

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