Author: Statto - Replies: 48 - Views: 1638
new post count symbols
don't like them Thumbd

and why has macc got 10? Hahaha
Author: anotherbbs - Replies: 6 - Views: 971
CAn u explain those symbols that used as letters ?
I'm not native eng speaker . So sometimes those symbols like "l33tness" .... will make me confused . So ..

Thanks .
Author: Lata - Replies: 6 - Views: 389
Power in Symbols and Logos
Symbols are well important in our lives in advertising - from crucifixes, to golden arches, to the Metalheadz logo etc, but does anyone know if there's been a proper study on psychological effects on sybols in like propaganda and stuff like that? There are a few things like swastika and Pepsi symbol and yoni yantra etc etc. which we all associate with personal stuff etc. but is there mass-use of symbols and logos for mind-control that isn't just advertising?

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