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I am PSYCHED this guy is making Soft-synths for my Pulsar 2!
I recently bought a used Pulsar 2 and am pretty happy with it so far. The onboard synths are good but I haven't experimented with them enough to see how far I can push them. Twisted Anyhow I just found out John Bowen who had a hand in designing the Prophet 5, Prophet VS, and the Korg Wavestation is designing synths for my card! HOLY SHIT. I knew about the Pro One emulation but I didn't know he was designing them! Slayer

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Rare and cool analogue synths appreciation thread
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ATTN 0=0, and anyone else that knows their old synths
Yeah, that prolly means you Bobule!

My mate was just telling me about an amazing synth that Technics made. Apparently it did physical acoustic modelling, whereby you could specify the shape, size and material of the instrument that you wanted, so for example you could have a metal violin, or a woodon bassoon, 7 feet long, or whatever.

Sounds good huh?

Problem is, I reckon it was the Korg Trinity, but after a quick look at their site I don't think it is. Grumble

So, Technics or Korg
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Any of you peeps make synths or into electronics?
Just that I part-time teach an electronic physics course and part of it is making synths/radios/sampling and data capture, adn I was hoping to update the course next year. Any ideas?

At the moment it is just simple electronics, you know amps, filters and resonance, rectifier circuits etc, basic logic gate stuff like making frequency counters, signal processing etc.

Anyone know any interesting little mini-projects that they did?

I suppose that the best way for me to work out what to t
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For sale: bobule's badass analog synths
yes you heard it right, due to changing living circumstances and the need for a mac laptop i am selling my;

Studio Electronics SE1 http://www.vintagesynth.org/index2.html (£700)
RS Intergrator modular system http://www.analoguesystems.co.uk (£1100)

i am also selling a focusrite penta (£150) and a behringer v-amp 2 (£50)

if you want more details please pm or mail me
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Hardware verses Software synths and samplers.
I'm in the middle of redoing my studio so my computer has been off for about 3 weeks. I was fiending to write so I busted out an Ensoniq ASR-X I aquirred for free a few years back. The sampler adds artifacts to breaks that I can't say I am unhappy with. Also a simple 808 kick was turned into an in your face bass. Artifacts on the bass are less desireable but still a tastey bass sound none the less. Hardware samplers give samples a little more life than software. Reminds me of older Suburba
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The must have synths!!!
The Juno-d and Absynth3 these fucking synthesizers are fucking tits!!

Homerdrool Whats your 2 cents on these?
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vst emulations of real synths
cough 'em up! i'm interested in finding out what synths i can virtually have at my disposal.
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chicks with synths
Author: denaris - Replies: 9 - Views: 828
What synths are you using at the mo?
Just getting a feel for what's good and what's not in the world of Subvert.

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