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New Ranking System...
To bring it more into line with the theme of the forum.....

Special Ranks:

Almighty Zeus ----- Site Administrator
A God
Angel Of Vengeance
Currently A Rush Fan

Standard Ranks:

I Just Pop In ----- 0 posts
Down With The Cause ----- 100 to 499 posts
You Can Call Me 'A Head' ----- 500 to 999 posts
Deadly Serious ----- 1000 to 2999 posts
Subversive ----- 3000 to 4999 posts
God Like Creature ----- 5000 to 6999 posts
Demi-God ----- 7000 posts and above

Respect to mr blue for com
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People of America, the US voting system
So I read the first chapter of 'Stupid White Men' by Michael Moore last night.

The chapter is entitled 'A Very American Coup', and it goes on to describe the complete underhanded, illegal, and utterly immoral actions taken by W and his friends / family during the Elections, particularly of course in Florida.

I'm sure much of this is already well documented and well understood by most of you, (if not let me know and I'll try and post a few quotes up), but what I really want to know is - i
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Laser System - headed for US and Israeli armies
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SMS system will be online tomorrow....
so texts will go in teh AM!

sorry for major delay but i is having them damn technical hitches!

SO PLEASE MAIL DAVEMANIK@VODAFONE.NET with any other numbers for inclusion!

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System - River Journey
When is it coming out and what label?
Author: KIITWA - Replies: 18 - Views: 1435
ASC - System Shock / Static Shock - Synaptic Plastic
Quality tunes...release date?
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Valve Sound System Sep 12th Plymouth
At the Dance Academy feat. Dillinja and Lemon D.... Mr Thing and Critically Ill in the 2nd room....
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sound system amplifiers - mine blew up!
Does anyone know anything about powerful amplifiers for sounds systems? I need some ditrection - I fucked up my own amp - it got stupidly hot and just died - poor baby. Has this happened to anyone? Can it be fixed?

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Where can I find "reggae sound system" effects/sam
Greetings...I am new on this forum, heard about it from Tza who I do a radio show with in Oslo, Norway.

Its kinda hard to explain, but I am looking for effects/samples that are so commonly used in dub/reggae soundsystems, bleeps, rings, lazer sounds..etc. I know that one can buy these effect boxes as well, does anyone know where or how much? I cant find these effects on any samples/discussion forum I have been to.

Please help me as I am obsessed with these sounds Roll ... Notting Hill C
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Voyager says goodbye to Solar System

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