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robot team takes out world cup soccer final 2050!
the aim of the robocup

"- By the year 2050,
develop a team of fully autonomous humanoid robots
that can win against the human world soccer champion team. -"

our uni's team managed to come 3rd at this years world robocup in the 4-legged division Smile

Four Legged Robot League

University of New South Wales, Australia
University of Pennsylvania. U.S.A.
University of Newcastle, Australia

next year the team is aiming to take out the bo
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Artificial exoskeleton aims takes the strain
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Fantazia Takes You Into The Jungle
Does anyone have that CD set with Grooverider, Bukem & Rap?


Don't suppose anyone fancies burning me a copy, can trade it for some wicked mixtapes
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Music Takes You (Original vocal version)
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Ebay - Blame - Music Takes You (Seal Vocal Mix) Unreleased!!
This is the rare oringinal and worth every POUND!!!! Original no Bootleg business!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks for looking! Grin
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five completely different takes on dnb...
subvert central 001
alpha omega - swingers
alpha omega - militant thoughts

subvert central 002
blue - suck
blue - nextploitations
blue - my mind is going

click here for audio

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Forgetful thief takes loot to same shop
[quote]Forgetful thief takes loot to same shop

By Bassam Za'za', Staff Reporter

Dubai: A thief who stole a gold bracelet from a jewellery shop and then tried to sell it back to the same shop two days later has been jailed.

The 27-year-old unemployed man, identified as J.A., went into a jewellery shop in Deira. He pretended to be interested in buying something.

When he noticed the assistant was busy with a customer, he took a bracelet worth Dh1,000 that was near the cash regis
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20kgs takes how many vinyls?
i never really pay attention to the regulations beforehand.....d'oh

but now i just happened to think of how many vinyls approx go to 20kgs as that's a regulation of an airline.....

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Oh boy....Blame Music takes you feat. Seal / inst.
bootleg bizznizz in stock again @ redeye

I remember hearing so much about this being sold on redeye and so much blah blah blah on DOA...
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Monitor screen won't or takes forever to start up
easy folks,

about a month or two ago my monitor screen gave horizontal stripes, especially in the darker areas. i pretty much ignored it as it wasn't clearly visible and i couldn't be bothered to do anything about it.

the situation rapidly deteriorated though; the stripes were getting worse and when i opened my case a week ago the fan had stopped spinning, with it being barely movable. also, my monitor wouldn't start up or if it would, it would take forever to do so.

so i thought i'd fi

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