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Children taking over the world .............
Did anyone see the programme on Ch.4 last night about the 11 year old DJ ??

He played Hard House and had played at some clubs around Ibiza and in Spain.

What is the world coming to ??

He had to stand on a beer crate while mixing !!

Lol Lol Lol
Author: _cform - Replies: 5 - Views: 397
mugabe is taking us for fools..
while the worls watches the brewing crisis in iraq, and stews over what to do on the north koreans issue, mugabe is sitting smugly... well, not sitting at all, actually, hes jet setting to france for the franco-african leaders summit.

not only is he traveling with impunity, with his family in tow, but thanks to the slack attitude of south africa nad nigeria, zimbabwe's ban from the commonwealth is about to lapse. also thanks to slack EU monitoring, zimbabwes asset freeze is also about to lap
Author: DuB - Replies: 2 - Views: 1641
she might be taking a break...
but we are'nt Icon_razzimpin
ode to britters Smiley7
:charged :lame
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Taking On The Neo-Coms
David Horowitz

Taking On The Neo-Coms

How to identify the political left? Current usage refers to everyone left of center as "liberal." Yet what are currently identified liberals liberal about except hard drugs and sex? In regard to everything else, they are determined to intervene, regulate and control your life, or redistribute your income. Obviously, when terror-hugging radicals like Ramsey Clark and Communist hacks like Angela Davis are referred to as "liberals"
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live bands r taking over!!! -now u understand
passing through sf at this time, not to be missed...along with lithium at club julip on june 18 (live bands are taking over the dj scene motherpluckers!!!!!!!! Falcon

[hello all

they say it won't be possible to get a three piece band into the dj booth at the top but this is what we aim to achieve this thursday 12th june.

why are we doing this ? because we're going to need the room on the dancefloor and also because it's a record release party for blaktroniks brand new 12" - "thi
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Right chaps & chapettes

Welcome to the Mr.AngryPants thread.

Here you will find countless rantings about stuff.Some big stuff,some little stuff,some crazy made up stuff.

It's all meant with a touch of 'thank fuck it's friday' humour so take no offence if you do then FUCK YOU!
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Noone is taking our army down!!!!!
Canada - the world's most powerful army.

Americans can take a hike!


Author: Macc - Replies: 11 - Views: 428
Taking the almighty piss at work.........
Nice - I have my work application open Angel , and I have Cubase SX open Twisted So with a flick of Alt-Tab, I go from being 'in the studio' to being the dedicated, conscientious employee you all know I am Teef Grin

Got quite a nice tune on the go here too! Be Black Baby is the break (thanks Tyler), and fat is the order of the day!

I could get used to this! My boss doesn't mind at all either, so happy days!
Author: Ag3nT[]0raNg3 - Replies: 21 - Views: 1459
30 hornets taking on 30,000 bees!
Author: Ashes - Replies: 11 - Views: 709
People taking music too seriously

when it comes down to it what does it mean?

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