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Buck 65 - Talkin' Honky Blues
If you know who this man is then check this one out:

[Image: http://sandbox.pair.com/images/298274.gif]
Buck 65
"Talkin' Honky Blues"
Warner Music Canada 298274

Wicked And Weird
Riverbed Part 1
Riverbed Part 2
Roses And Blue Jays
Riverbed Part 3
50 Gallon Drum
Riverbed Part 4
Riverbed Part 5
Killed By A Horse
Riverbed Part 6
Tired Out
Riverbed Part 7

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Wax Doctor sampled Tears For Fears! (edit *** Talkin' Heads)
Anyone remember that tune by the Wax Doctor on the Enforcers 6 picture disk on Reinforced? Came out back in '94. "The Saint" was the name of it...

Just discovered there recently that the break is swiped from the intro to a Tears for Fears tune... my mate is a big fan of Tears for Fears and was showing me the tune saying "Wouldn't this be a cool drum sample" !!!

... damn Wax Doctor getting there before us!
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Talkin absolute shoite cos no 1 else is postin appreciation
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what u talkin bout willis :(
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FS: Metalheadz Talkin' Headz documentary
anyone who still has a VHS player and is after this choice piece of documentary need look no further than my ebay page:


ta Smile


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