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The Upsetter talks to....
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Archives: REWIND talks to CAROLINE (Partisan) July 2000
i was reading this again today and thought other people might be interested

Lisa Wave Wave Rainbow

partisan is a fine label that really does not need an introduction other than the fact that they release cutting edge drum & bass. with their sub-label bi-partisan also in place we can expect some fine breaks action too. upcoming collaboration between keith tenniswood of 2 lone swordsmen with ashley beedle and mark woolford of black science orchestra should also prove to be a good pus
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The Outlaw talks to Equinox
Here is the direct link people, since you obviously don't care about my hit count... Wink


[Image: http://spectraz.com/Marlon.jpg]

And yes, this piece is courtesy of the outlaw...
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The Outlaw Talks To SEBA
20/01/04 The Outlaw has conducted an interview with SEBA. The interview can be found in the Features section.

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Thanks to Pieter K for taking the time to focus on The Outlaw's questions. Table
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Steve Albini talks food
Mr. Albini isn't only very opinionated when it comes to recording techniques and indie idealism, he also has a lot to say about food. Grin

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High Contrast talks snax (briefly)
Quote:Originally posted by High Contrast
i feel a variety of condiments is essential to any selection of chips

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Croms talks to... Paradox
(Croms) “Basing an entire track around one single sampled piece - you have used Weather Report's “Non-Stop Home” for “Last Night On Earth” for instance, but also numerous 'homage' tracks like “Pride of Sixtynine” and “Got To Get A Knut” - makes me think about sampling and its musical integrity. Where should the line be drawn between creativity and plagiarism?”

(Paradox) ““Last Night on Earth” is over ten years old and I would never do a track like that now. At
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Coppola talks about film what we think about music


i've been thinking about what seems to be a repeating pattern: artists who distinguish themselves when they are young, and then never can quite reach those levels again. there are many examples, especially in literature, the theater, and of course in film. i think of some of the greats i’ve admired in my own life: tennessee williams, who wrote the glass menagerie and a streetcar named desire when he was in his thirties and t
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Robert Henke talks to Rashad from D&M about mastering

Robert Henke aka Monolake talks to Rashad Becker from dubplates and mastering in Berlin. Cool interview!

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