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los hermanos mp3 techno
dunno if anyone is into the los hermanos stuff or aztec mystic, but if you go to http://www.loshermanos.com there's an mp3 to download of their latest thing - it's pretty cool man, real nice.


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house/techno mix for naphta!
big up dj rise for the mix Xyxthumbs

classic house/techno (1989-1991)


808 state - pacific 0101
lfo - lfo (leeds remix)
no smoke - coro coro
lfo - mentok 1
nick holder - frantic
altern8 - return to techno city
nexus 21 - self hypnosis
botny 5 - love bomb
nightmare on wax - sal batardes
nightmare on wax - dextrous
tricky disco - tricky disco
sweet exorcist - test four
mk - burning (limited edi
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submerge detroit techno - metalheadz

the sites been updated 4 a while, its got loads of info on there and history which is inspirational

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Rise - Classic House/Techno (1989-1991) Mix
Here is a mix i did a couple months ago and i'm in the midst of doing another one very soon. For the meantime, check this one out and look for part 2 soon.

Classic House/Techno (1989-1991)


808 State - Pacific 0101
LFO - LFO (Leeds Remix)
No Smoke - Coro Coro
LFO - Mentok 1
Nick Holder - Frantic
Altern8 - Return to techno city
Nexus 21 - Self Hypnosis
Botny 5 - Love Bomb
Nightmare On Wax - Sal Batardes
Nightmare On Wax - Dextrous
Tricky Disco - Tricky Disco
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So, i made a minimal techno tune last night.
(i think its techno? it goes bom bom bom bom!)

the most care free fun i have had making music for ages!!

im gonna do more. more beatless soundscape stuff too. its just so refreshing. but dont worry, im still ill with the virus that is breakbeats.
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what drum and bass can learn from techno
courtesy of ninjatune Neutral

posted by - Doru the Damaja

If D&B is to progress beyond its current state (and there is no doubt it has achieved an incredible amount over the years, both musically and in terms of the growth of an associated culture), maybe its time to learn from the one genre it claims to have taken elements from, but which it has quite certainly never fully explored - Techno. If any D&B head were to accidentally stumble across the End on an evenin
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Assortment of techno, dnb, randoms...
A mate is selling of bits of his record collection - thought some of it might be of interest...

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vdub & knowledgistic 90-95 mid-west techno jaunt
here is a little mix that vdub & knowledgistic ripped out last
night as an ode to some of the music they first started
partying to back in the heyday of the mid-west techno
scene. take a peek and keep in mind that these 2 goofs
are not techno dj's. just a couple of morons whom came
up listening to these tunes. hope you dig


01 - speedy j - ginger - plus8
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A night of Detroit-esque Techno Funk 10/08/04 LIVE NOW
Tunes from, Juan Atkins, Saunerson, Recloose, Octave One, etc.

and a bit of the Uk stylingz........

9pm-11pm http://www.phonic-live.com

http://www.phonic-live.com/radio_med.m3u <--- medium qual 56k
http://www.phonic-live.com/radio_lo.m3u <--- lo qual 24k

hit reconnect if ya get prbs
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techno heads of sorts....
stumbled upon this shoutcast stream while some Detroit Escalator material was streaming. Thought it might be in the vein of some subverts....


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