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Last Days! Preorder your Tee (from the Offshore dude)
Hey guys,
doing a last round of spam before I finally make these shirts.
If you ordered already, thanks for your patience,
as well as your order, (!!!)
they'll be at your doorstep shortly.

But for all those who have been sleeping on the mad styles:

[Image: http://members.cox.net/benmonkey1/design09.jpg]

Shirt will be Navy. Available in sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL.

$22 USD including domestic shipping.
For international orders, looks like $26.

please Paypal me at [email]aarrccaa
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New Offshore Tee!
w00000t design by Nick Arcae - Artist for the 10" series, the Soundadvice Tee shirts, and many fliers around town
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Soundadvice Tee #4 - Award Tour
[Image: http://arcae.knottyknotty.com/images/satee04.jpg]

Soundadvice presents AWARD TOUR
the latest shirt in the series!

Shirts are available in Youth (Girls) and Adult Sizes
in Lime Green ink on Brown
for $22 inside the US, $27 outside the US
(this price includes shipping)

These shirts are printed in strictly limited qualities
and will not ever be re-printed, so act fast! HOLLA!!
And as a thank you for your purchase,
you'll receive limited edition poster prints
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Last Call for Soundadvice Tee #4
Technically, all the slots are full,
but if you really want it, you have until
12:01am Monday morning to paypal me.

A few people unfortunately didn't act fast enough
for the other runs of shirts,
so here's your last chance to grab this one.

[Image: http://arcae.knottyknotty.com/images/satee04.jpg]

Cost is $22 if inside the US.
$27 if outside the US.
This price includes shipping and handling.
Send your money via paypal (http://www.paypal.com)
to [email]aarrccaaee@h
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Tee Bee with some new tunes from him in the mix -
L Double - 1xtra Show

01_Teebee - Corpse
02_Teebee - Pado 1
03_Teebee, Photek & Tech Itch - Man Down
04_Photek - ?
05_Teebee & Calyx - Follow The Leader
06_Teebee - Sick
07_Teebee - Human Reptile (Remix)
08_Teebee - Liquid Light (Form Remix)
09_Teebee - Tsunami
10_Photek - Babylon (the cool unreleased version)

Badger Badger Badger Badger
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the perfect tee for english soccer freaks
saw this on a german forum. :mutley:
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Soundadvice Tee #5 - Oceans Above Life AVAILABLE NOW
[Image: http://arcae.knottyknotty.com/images/satee05.jpg]

Soundadvice presents OCEANS ABOVE LIFE
the latest shirt in the series!

Shirts are available in Youth (Girls) and Adult Sizes
in White ink on Kelly Green

(in case other colors would cater more to your liking)

Prices are $22 inside the US, $26 outside the US
(this price includes shipping)

These shirts are printed in strictly limited qualities
and [b]will not ever
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Still a few slots left for Soundadvice Tee #5!
[Image: http://arcae.knottyknotty.com/images/satee05.jpg]

If you haven't already ordered yours, you still can. But don't wait too long, because these shirts will never be reprinted.

Color scheme is white on kelly green in 100% cotton,
but if you want to change the color of your shirt you can!

If you live in the US, shirts are $22 (including shipping), and $26 (including shipping) if you live outside the US.

To buy, paypal me at aarrccaaee@hotmail.com
and be sure t
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Last call for Soundadvice Tee #5
[Image: http://arcae.knottyknotty.com/images/satee05.jpg]

Orders close on Wednesday,
so if you want it, you've got to act!
These shirts will NEVER be reprinted.

Shirts are $22 USD if inside the US, $26 USD if outside the US
Prices include shipping

To buy, paypal me at aarrccaaee@hotmail.com
with your address and size.
then include the color of the shirt you want in the e-mail too.

Thanks again!

Any questions, AIM me
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The cannabis leaf sign on Inp tee sleeve
Yeah this aint a biggie and I dont take things too seriously, but I just thought, don't you think that on a symbolical level, some people may consider a picture of a cannabis leaf something they do not want to represent?
As a symbol it is clearly an opinion one is expressing, do u agree?

I take it that's a mark of the clothing label?

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