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ILLBIENT - some ridiculous term or just good stuff...!?
...re - listened to an old SPECTRE album (The Illness) on Wordsound recordings.

Excellent work i think. How do you feel about all the Illbient stuff ? I know some friends who hated and judged it as some trashy dub/weirdo hop interpretation.

Which i thought was wrong, because you can see some vision and potential in the output of wordsound.

I nearly liked all those releases on the label itself, well, o.k., maybe i disliked some of the SENSATIONAL stuff...

Tell me what you think abou
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about the term 'neurofunk' on the book 'energy flash'
got this from doa. fucking hilarious i tell you!

[quote]Apocalypse Noir

In 1996, a new sub-genre of jungle began to coalesce called 'techstep', a dirge-like death-funk characterized by harsh industrial timbres and bludgeoning 'butcher's block' beats. The term was coined by DJ-producers Ed Rush and Trace, who shaped the sound in tandem with engineer Nico of the No U-Turn label. The 'tech' stood not for Detroit techno, dreamy and elegant, but for the brilliant brutalist Belgian hardcore of
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Meaning of the Spanish-American term, 'SA'?
Any ideas anyone?


Just wondered is all...

Literally the initials for Spanish American?


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