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Thats IT!!!!! IT's God Damn War
Whilst global conflicts continue to occur, warfare on a street level has escalated to a all time high.

Im talkin about spending a whole evening postering the reading area , only to find that some fuck-knocker is ripping them down.....



The person/persons responsible for this blatent vandalism probably dont read this board, but i just had to type it.

Author: _cform - Replies: 19 - Views: 1351
thats something i just can't answer at this time
as you will understand, this is an ongoing situation. we are investigating what is happening, and you can be sure that we will know what is going on soon. our men on the ground are the best and they will know what to do. they will decide on what to do when the time comes. they will have a series of options that they could take. which option they take will be decided by them at the time required. what time this choice is required to be made will be decided on by the commanders on the ground when
Author: Blue - Replies: 2 - Views: 196
remember everyone thats so near.
is so alone.


is all alone.

Author: Bubonic - Replies: 18 - Views: 1736
anyone heard Baltimore by photek? i think thats the name...
thats the tune i was creaming myself at hq when loxy dropped it apparently, definately a sc tune. drum track is fucking great kinda old school growly synths....
Author: ken - Replies: 49 - Views: 3362
so, liking a tune and buying the vinyl = fanboy? thats rich.
is this some elite vip producer inside joke? like hahaha...look at my 'fanboys' on the internet?
i think that certain producers need a wake up call then.
these 'fanboys' that you speak of, are your customers first and foremost. they're a considerable part of this shambles of an industry.

not everyone that posts here and on the other forums are full time dj's getting passed free tunes on aim and flown around the world. many of us are ex dj's, bedroom dj's, musicians and music lovers. many o
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That right, I aint playin!! Shut up crazy fool.

Its friday and it time to reminisce over the best show of the 80's.

[Image: http://www.ateamshrine.co.uk/gallery/pub10.jpg]

Macguyver The only thing you fightin is your HAIRCUT, Fool better stop playin....aint no science in a MULLET you don johnson wannabe.

[Image: http://www.n-chicken.net/images/macguyver.jpg][/img]
Author: davetrax - Replies: 5 - Views: 443
geeeeez thats gota hurt
Author: safetyboy - Replies: 4 - Views: 511
jaysus thats one big ballbag
Author: egres - Replies: 3 - Views: 488
sorry but thats how we do it down here in barcelona!!!!!
yeah fuckers,
Author: markgabba - Replies: 2 - Views: 268
Thats some trick!!

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