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All quiet round these ere parts....?
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New Moderator Around these 'ere parts..............
_cform is now a moderator of this fine underground resistance forum, on account of him being an active (and valued) contributor................

Xyxthumbs Applause Applause
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i need to post around these parts more often
but i can't think of a subject!??!

let's just have some free discussion.

nice day we're having, how about those local sports teams
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i add 'color' to these surroundings
you heard it elsewhere first.
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What can you say of these records....
1) Suburban base 41R-Lickback organisation-Remixes by Kenny Ken & LBO (1994)

2) Suburban base 34-D'Cruze-Watch out/World within a world '94 (1994)

3) Easy 003-Dj Phantasy-44 Mag/Just waiting (1995)

Don't those have some value? Some bloke is selling them for 5 euros each....and I'll try to buy em. I noticed that http://www.classictrax.co.uk has the third one and is asking £25 for it! Eek
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Some New Faces Around These 'Ere Parts !!!
Welcome to:

:bear: Dice Falk Fracturedown Matt Muppets Neptune
Acclaim Bath Fire Cumonface Dance Hugs Icon059
Ma Pint Popepreach Suck Faceoff
Zinga :leprichaun: Jig Crapper Wisdom Bhb
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what's with all the flaring attitudes these days??
have we all forgotten that rave is built on a cornerstone of PLUR?
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what are your views on these bands / acts...
through work i have free tickets to a thing in cardiff on sunday...

here is the line up...

the darkness
the thrills

who are worth checking?? i'm such a band philistine its not funny..

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If you have these 2 tracks, give this a go!

Mix - Naphta "One Squeeze" into

Doc Scott "Swarm"... where the amens drop in!
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Estimated value of these old Reinforced plates
Immortal Minds Pinakle Visison/Flux rivet1282 / 1995
Various Artists Enforcers: Above the law rivetlp07 / 1996
G-Force & Seiji Just Another Number EP rivetlp13 / 1999
Nucleus & Paradox Esoteric funk rivet117 / 1997

also, tarzan.spoox.org says rivetlp07 to be 3 vinyls and rivetlp13 to be one vinyl... can anyone either confirm or deny that?

Estimated value of these old Reinforced plates (i can buy em off someone, he's asking me 65 euro's for the 4 of

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