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L-RON HUBBARD appreciation thread
This thread has "ABSOLUTELY NOTHING" to do with the Church of Scientology or its 45 websites

Here is a letter from the great man L-RON to his Fairlight sampler:

“Dear Sir Fairlight:
“Please have the engineer store on your floppy disc that we have now been properly introduced. I am very glad to make your acquaintance. You have very charming circuits and I am certain that we can co-vibrate to the astonishment and ecstasy of a vast audience. With all praise to your exulted frequencies,
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Reading this thread could save you hours of work
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The quote thread....................
Music melts all the separate parts of our bodies together.
--Anais Nin
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DOA Fugazi thread
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where ma bump crew? - doa beatjam thread
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the top 15 thread
Well, what better way to introduce myself than by letting you know what tunes I dig these days

My hotlist:

1. spiritualism by breakage (breakin)
-->this is one of my favourite tunes of the moment, with progressing breakbeats, deep atmospherics and very effective subs.

2. S.A.M.B. by sileni (white)
-->between him and pieter k there isn't much room left for other US artists to amaze me, truly a boy wonder who's talent will surprise many!

3. taught by polska (s
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properly Stattish dnb thread
i'm currently playing all my dnb/hardcore singles, aiming to do some pruning (and make money on ebay). they're arranged alphabetically in two roughly equal sections: (1) up to 1996, and (2) 1997 onwards. i've started with the old stuff (the best stuff). if i manage to keep up the momentum of 10 records a day it'll take me three months. Icon_eek

stuff to be pruned...
charlie says - bass 'n' buzz ep (moving shadow top4) - crude and dated

not much so far — but i'm only on 'd'
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V Classics - EBay watching thread

current price £4.99
time left: 5d 6h 13m

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d8b wiring appreciation thread
edac is what we need

ben get on irc and come to #nu-skool so we can talk it through
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after the gig 3am (stream of consciousness thread)
<---this avatar is none other than Hathor, the ancient Egyptian goddess of music and love in case you didn't already know

...intense reflections+ memories of the cute blonde babes who were shaking their thing to your music just two hours previous...

...just gave three more dollars to the blues-saint i was singing "kansas city" with on my way down the avenue back home as i am still smashed loaded with whiskey shots bought for the band and need serious after-gig eats to avoid total hang

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