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top three of da moment
three tunes:

1. Blue - one step at a time(shit is this the name)- dub
2. Blue - Salsational(its not wot its called, but its wot i call it) - dub
3. NIN - were in this together now (still diggin it)

three random things:

1.this coming saturdays Streetbeats Xmas Outing.
2.Proper filter coffee from the deli.
3.Bishops Finger (a fine ale indeed)
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Three of my tracks - Feedback Always Appreciated!!
Pretty much my first adventures into the world of production. They're OK....will post some of my newer stuff online when i get it finished.....

These are all about 6megs each.....

Another Door :-

Walking Leather :- (badly eq'd towards the end haven't got round to fixing it yet)
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track three alpha omega cd
played it at the bassbin b day party its proper boo i tell deeee
sorry dont remember the name! Grin
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Win a copy of SB025 on Test Press (One of Three !!)
ok folks here is your chance to win a copy of the forthcoming release sb25 on test press. if you were to win this you would be in an elite few to own a copy of this (blue and bailey) even us sb peeps don't have it yet Sad2

sb25 consists of 2 discs, which feature:

fracture and neptune

to win this very limited edition prize answer the following question;

*describe streetbeats, this can include the labels, the artists or uv.* - post your responses below.

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I go to Paris for three days and.......
...... there's about 300 pages of stuff for me to read! my god, you lot have been busy!

Wave by the way!
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Three Royal Navy vessels 'seized by Iran'
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three tunes
these three tunes are still up for download for your listening pleasure


by the time i'm thru mastering these at Hyde Street they're gonna rock
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Three-tier pork pie
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zero tolerance - three times
any info about that ? Icon_eek
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three months, no alcohol caffeine or ganja
...and i'm feeling fine, but i'm still on prescription meds

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