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EQUINOX 'Love Thy Brother' appreciation thread
Finally got it today

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EQUINOX - Love Thy Brother - REMIX???
was there a remix of this tune ever released??? i heard it on Breakage ft. Quest One @ SR5 IchiOne Feb 05. it comes in at 1:11:00 right after Staggered Dub.

Any Info on these?

Also the two tunes that come in @ 21:00 and 33:00! hope these find your ears & memories hehe
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So that Love Thy Brother (Breakage Remix)
Is available on the knowledge mp3 shop thing but the bitrate is only 192kbs (which seems to rip off considering they want £1.49 for it)

Is it available anywhere else at a higher birate or any news on the limited press run rohan wanted to possibly do?



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