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Best British Comedy TV Series of all time
Well, theres some gooduns!!
Author: jake - Replies: 9 - Views: 2377
i've been missing out the whole time
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your all-time breakbeat rinseout champion record
arcon 2 - 'the beckoning'
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To win the latest Noir release (Blue/ZnO>Animal/The Wretched) define in how many words you like, the meaning of Noir............

get writing Subverts............

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DJ Fracture on ruderecordings.com in 15 mins 8-10 UK Time...

log in now to get a stream... god im so popular Roll
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DJ Fracture live on Ruderecordings.com 8-10pm UK Time tonigh

a few nice new bits for you this week.

the main site is down so hit http://www.liveforbeats.com

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magic vinyl all stars on phuturefreq.com 7 to 12 uk time
tonight on http://www.phuturefreq.com the mahic vinyl all stars will broadcast from 7 to 12 uk time..... from 5 to 7 uk time streetbeats are running their show! on the magic vinyl show we haave following line up!

7 to 9 smoking monkey
9 to 11 yen-cee (jungle set)
11 to 12 dj Q (usa)

join the chat for shouts!
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simply havin a wonderful christmas time
tis the season to b jolly and spread good vibes to each n everyoneInvasion . no time to listen to the "ba humbug" and scrooges among us. shouts outs to all my fellow streetbeat friends hope yall have a superb time spent with family - b pist n merry
roll on new yr for proper mash up ya know....

peace in good spirits
miss sphere Wave .
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oh no advert time!!!! Source 6th Birthday @ The Zodiac
Friday 24th Jan @ The Zodiac, Oxford 9.30 - 02.00


Andy C
DJ Hype
Jay Jay

MC's Rage, Manikular (aka formula inc. innit!) and Lady Blaze


info - 01865 420024
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The Time for Talking Is Over
We must oppose this war as we have never opposed one before
By George Monbiot.
Published in the Guardian 7th January 2003

The rest of Europe must be wondering whether Britain has gone into hibernation. At the end of this month our Prime Minister is likely to announce the decision he made months ago, that Britain will follow the US into Iraq. If so, then two or three weeks later, the war will begin. Unless the UN inspectors find something before January 27, this will be a war without even th

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