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ebay selling tips?
i'm going to be selling the chaff from my record collection, but i've never sold anything on ebay. what are some common pitfalls? where's a good place to get vinyl mailers? any and all tips are welcome!
Author: pez - Replies: 11 - Views: 570
Formatting my PC's Hard Drive - any tips?
After using PCs for donkey's years, I've finally decided to give my latest pooter a good format and start from scratch, just one thing though - I've never done it before - what do I need to bare in mind, is it just a case of getting a command prompt up on start up, typing 'format c:' and then using my system recovery disc, or am I being woefully naive? Any help would be muchos appreciated! Grin
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Formatting Ashes's Hard Drive - any tips?
Author: pressure. - Replies: 22 - Views: 1628
so im going to play a hip hop set ... any tips?
not about the music

Rico want the residents to play hip-hop for ichione in December
so i'm gonna chance it
i have been buying hip-hop for as long as i have been buying d+b ( actually lots longer), but its nearly all on CD ( i have some vinyl , but cant afford to buy both d+b and hip hop) , unlike d+b heads hip hop punters don't seem to mind you playing Cd's, so i'm trying to teach myself a few basic scratch techniques , i cant scratch and have never tried , but i have 4 months to learn , i
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Blog tips?
I wonder if you all could tell me about your favourite blogs concerning philosophy, music, chess, picture blogs, art, literature and free torrent sites with rss feeds?

My tip is music related, although I like its topic I have not subscribed to it long enough to know whether or not it is a good blog: http://www.topix.net/who/mf-doom - News about MF Doom continually updated from thousands of sources around the net.
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Can't find Chop School Thread? Any tips?
Just wanted to have another read over some of the posts in that thread but couldnt find em using the search tool. Roll Any ideas or pointers? Icon_question Might be cool to put some of the tips in it into the tutorial section as I remember being some great stuff in there!

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