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[Photoshop Heads] - How do I "fade" photos together?
I know there are some seriously talented individuals on here when it comes to photoshop and image editing.

I want to know how to make images gradually fade to nothing (whatever the background colour is), so I can do effects like this:

[Image Here]

So far, i've worked out that you can use the eraser with the "hardness" set to zero to get a similar effect, but it's not perfect when you want an image to fade out in a control
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will windows 7 64 bit and ableton 8 work together?
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Subvert get-together? Ireland, Saturday July 27th - Subtle Audio / Bustle Beats gig
... I just posted a long-ass post about all this but then clicked submit and, cos I wasn't logged in, lost everything - ARRRRRGGGGGH ...

So anyway, just gonna summarize ... probably better that way for you all anyway Lol


I've been living in Canada for the last 2 and a half years but I'm heading home to Ireland next week to see family, friends and all the rest of it Grin

Of course, while I'm there, I thought it would be nice to put on a night to mark arrival of several new

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