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Tom Waits recommendations???
ok musiclovers, I know there's some diverse and eclectic tastes on here so wonder if someone can point me in the right direction.

I have one Tom Waits album, Nitehawks at The Diner which I got about 8 years ago and I've played it to death, can't get enough of it. I heard it round a mate's house who was quite into TW and he reckoned it was his worst album but I really dug the jazzy, lyrically-freeform vibe to it. Heard bits and pieces of his other stuff and some of it wasn't my cup of tea but
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Buffalo Tom.
just rediscovered "birdbrain"......

i forgot how good they used to be.

saw them support the wedding present back in '91 and got to meet them all as they were playing our local leisure centre in swansea.

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Tom & Jerry / 4 Hero Reinforced Tribute Mixes
I did a couple of mixes of old Cold Misson/Tom & Jerry/4 hero stuff on Reinforced awhile ago and recently listened to them again and thought it would be a good idea to throw them on here. There isn' t a tracklisting unfortunately but i'm sure most of you know the tunes. If needed, i can make up one of each mix if wanted.

I also have many old 1993 darkcore Twisted mixes by myself if anyone is interested i have them on my harddrive that are encoded and just sitting there.

Reinforced Trib
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Tom Waits deserves a kick in the ass

do you consider that a proper euro tour? [Image: http://www.subvertcentral.com/forum/imag...con153.gif]

but there's a new album coming, so i forgive him.
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Tom Holt
Anyone read any of this guys books??
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Tom Green is a genius.
I'm becoming obsessed. Has anybody here seen the video to the bum bum song?

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Tom Baker :)
A former drama student tells of the time
she slept with Tom Baker, who had visited the
college to give a lecture. She recalled his
memorable quote at the moment of intercourse:
"Tom's putting it in now..."

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The Modern World - Tom Tomorrow
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smoking banned in tom and jerry cartoons lol
Smoking scenes in "Tom and Jerry" cartoons are now banned in Britain, following a viewer's complaint to the government agency that polices the airwaves.

In one episode of the classic US cartoon series, Tom is seen smoking a roll-up cigarette in a bid to impress a female cat. In another, Tom's opponent in a tennis match was seen smoking a large cigar.

Following an investigation prompted by the anonymous viewer's complaint, regulator Ofcom said Monday that children's TV channel Boomerang has
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jahba & ghost vs. tom & jerry ???
big ups to martin for this one, really enjoyed it !


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