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I'm new too
ez all. What's this board about? Anyone else from DOA? :rasta:
Author: Altered Ego - Replies: 4 - Views: 353
Some people have too much time on there hands ....

This bloke has listed the exact body count in some Zombie/Horror/Sci Fi films.

Not just that though he has listed the actors/actresses names the order they die in and how they die.

Roll Roll
Author: Blue - Replies: 44 - Views: 6007
i apologise for a joke gone too far........
Just cant help but Nerve it down baby!!!

sorry guys & gals.i shall discontinue this behaviour!!!

steve Spank
Author: Goku - Replies: 8 - Views: 340
damn... :( one day too late.
i was on here late last night (aussie time) and had a quick look around after being informethed this is the new place to go for decent discussion with my fellow dnb followers and creators. To my utter jubilation i discoverethed that there was a science forum moderated by the great lata, and now, sadly its there no more Icon_sad. so whats the dealio? has it gone the same way as "the bored", free expression and spotted underpants? i didnt get to even read one thread! i would have been a keen participan
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Do I eat too much?
[color=cyan]I am five foot tall and quite skinny but I can eat more than most of my male friends. I don't eat snacks and I am vegetarian, so I eat really healthy food, but I can't seem to stop myself from eating until my stomach distends and feels uncomfortable. I do this every night. I went on holiday with some friends and their running joke was about how much I ate at mealtimes.

Is is a comfort thing? I really enjoy cooking, having people over for dinner and talking about food, it is go
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Too much Headbanging?
Jesus my neck is fucked today. Together with feathered eejits waking me up at 5am and yesterdays ZnO session today i'm left crippled.!!

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Been programming some of the new synths in Reaktor4 this week & getting sounds/presets ready for the next batch of tunes & even I am blown away by the sheer vastness/hugeness/capabilities of Reaktor4.I've loved r3 since I got that 2years ago & knew it was something special but they've really outdone themselves this time.

There's two synths in particular -

Carbon & Kaleidon-Both of these really have no limits in what they can sonically achieve.Everything from bass to FX's to Pads & mad syn
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any fans of too pure?
mouse on mars
th' faith healers

Author: dice - Replies: 30 - Views: 1230
Needles are too fucking expensive
I just got set back £60 for a pair of needles...We should start a DJs-against-the-exploitation-of-our-bank-accounts group...who's in?

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Macc: You use way too much DRUMS
I got your new CD.

Honestly, Macc, I don't think it would sell.

It doesn't have any catchy hooks.
I didn't catch any vocals in your tunes either.
Your music is a bit weird to me.
Maybe we could plan doing some collaborations with better-known artists, such as Madonna or Elton John, to get you some publicity value?
I could ask some producers for some musical ideas?

I think you should have more melodies too.
I suggest you spend your earnings on a synth and try coming up with some nic

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