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i'm totally owning this bored today
coz i'm hiding from doing any work!!

rrrraa h h h h h!
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I have a totally irrational love of Pendulum - Still Grey
I love it so much! It's so addictive - I have to listen to the doa clip a few times a day at least Smile I don't know why I like it - it's so trancey that by all rights I shouldn't, but everything in it just seems right. The synths are cool, the slightly strange vocal fits the mood perfectly, the squelchy bass with the sub under it is nice... Grin

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Totally not giving a monkey's sessions appreciation thread
Bloody great, innit, when you can ignore that little voice saying 'put a reese in' or whatever...

Made a totally fucked up jazz type thing last night Smile First time 'in the studio' in ages... Not even a break, just a little loop with horn, bass, drums and so on. Didn't even use recycle, just chopped it roughly by eye and slipped the audio around, crossfaded etc etc.

Took a while to get the feel right, but it sounds nice now... That is to say it sounds utterly crusty and noisy, sounds like
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Totally Absurd Inventions: Toilet Snorkel
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is it just me or is this setup totally bizarre????
from a topic on the Ableton web site:

trance.nu: When you are DJ-ing, you’re using Ableton Live a lot. What do you like so much about it?
Paul van Dyk: I’m not just use Ableton Live, I use a combination between Scratch Live and Ableton. I have 2 computers with me and I’m basicly using Scratch Live with time coded CD’s. That signal actually goes into the interface of Ableton Live. Within Ableton Live I have the possibility then to do the craziest things, because it’s a combination
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totally safe for work!!! fainting goats..well worth a watch
for humour value, this is a good one.

never seen anything like this before!



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John B Interview...he is totally pissed and hilarious!
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Tech step, "Red Clay", jazz & bass, totally unknown??!
My mate Jon Theorie wanted me to post up about this ID as he is totally raving about this tune that noone knows what it is!!


Its sampling Freddie Hubbard - Red Clay which I recognised instantly as being the hook for A Tribe Called Quest - Sucka Niggas... other than that I was totally unable to offer any credible suggestions as to who it might be

Apparently its recorded off an italian radio Italia Network in 1997 presented by a Aki Tune; th
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Totally Chillin' - Beautiful Drum & Bass - Too Hot To Dance - Docius
I know i'm not a regular on this here board so i try to limit what i post to something that's vaguly relevant to the people who vist this site and because docius was asking after some nice laidback D&B mixes a while ago i thought he might like this and by extension some of you lot as well . This is taken from the original thread on DOA,

Due to the weather we've been having recently i thought something a bit more laidback and chilled out would be in order plus there are some tunes in this mi
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Totally biscuit bass

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