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Revealed: US dirty tricks to win vote on Iraq war
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Andy John's Tips and Tricks
yey !!

he uses la2a's and 1176's, which we have. yey again !!!

ua: is it true that you have used the 1176 on most if not all of the records you have done in the last thirty years?

andy johns: since you guys came out with the device, i have used them on every record since. if i am shown a new room, and of course the studio owner is always very proud of his gear, and you have to go through this: ?we have this and we have that.? then i say, ?these monitors are all right, the mixer i can
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Quantum Tricks Boost CD Data Storage
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Nanoscale light tricks promise huge DVD storage (almost 1TB)

Nanoscale light tricks promise huge DVD storage
18:07 26 May 2005
NewScientist.com news service
Will Knight

The tantalising prospect of DVDs capable of holding almost a terabyte of data - or several hundred movies - has been presented in a patent issued to US storage company Iomega.

The US patent describes a disc that could store 40 to 100 times more information that a conventional DVD, using more nanometre-scale sloped
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Usefull Shell Unix Tricks!
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Jedi Mind Tricks & RA The Rugged Man - Uncommon Valor
uncommon valor - a vietnam story


just dug this out....from the 'servants in heaven, kings in hell' album that came out last year.

ridiculously heavy track, vinnie paz verse is nice, but the robotic flow of ra the rugged man is just ill.....and not just speculated words either, they describe the story of his father who was affected by agent orange, survived, but had two other children severely handicapped, one of which died.
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So Naphta is back to his old tricks

Somali Pirates Hijack Danish-Owned Tug

By MOHAMED OLAD HASSAN – 17 hours ago

MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) — Pirates have seized a Danish-owned tug boat and its six crew members off Somalia's northeastern coast and are demanding ransom, officials said Monday.

All crew members on the Svitzer Korsakov — a British captain, an Irish engineer and four Russian crew — were believed to be unharmed, said Pat Adamson, a London-based spokesman for the Danish ship owner, Svitzer
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Shit load of tips & tricks
Its bloody long, some of it may be of use. Not read it all myself yet. all them crappy symbols were already in it.

rule 1: get off the fuggin internetz.

Bibliography/Plagurised Gratuitiously from:
- Sound On Sound Magazine
- Future Music Magazine
- The Raven Spiral Guide
- Random Tutorials on Google Video

Buying Equipment
• Never sell, never upgrade. Buy middle of top of the range (brand new or second hand) first time around and keep it for life. It will become a classic, an
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Tracky Birthday - TRICKS (UPMIX14)
Instant stream and FREE d/l here: http://www.upitup.com/mixes/mix.php?mix_id=23

Tricks is an adventurous mix full of smokey bar stories, bizarre circus stunts, corny prison tales, raw pawn shop romanticism, endearing gangster confessions, crooked gypsy fests, dusty futurism, masked rappers and other entertaining ish.

UPMIX14 features a broad range of genres and styles that will keep you far from boredom while swinging that Photoshop lasso or rocking that jammed freeway. Tricks m

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